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  1. thanks everyone my mind is a little at ease now,I didnt know all this complicated stuff but I do now. I have just hand written what Cerb posted,and will post that too them recorded delivery today.I will post a reply with the letter they send me back here if thats ok. cheers everyone I wont worry in bed tonight so much
  2. Thanks for your help Cerb I will print and send off that letter post. Sillygirl are you saying Its possible I could go to jail? ,because at the moment I dont have enough money to pay of the debt. thanks all
  3. Hi everyone. Im reallyworried I recieved a letter today AUTHORISED COLLECTOR VISIT MERIT FORCE. I phoned them up and said I could only pay £10 a month.One of there letters said I could go to court and possible prison. I owe them £2000 Is this True for a credit card debt I could go to prison by the court? Im worried and cant sleep. Thanks for all your time and help advice.Im new to the internet. cheers
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