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  1. Thanks Pete, The £50 was because they so say had to keep checking our account to make sure we could continue to make the loan repayments. Apparently the debenture should have been in place from day 1, but due to a mistake by the bank it was not included in the terms. We just feel that they are looking for the extra security because of what has happened over the past few years with property prices. We are looking into taking the bank account elsewhere. I have looked through the loan agreement and can't see anything that we have done wrong to allow them to recall the lo
  2. Hi, We run our business as a Ltd company. 3 years ago we purchased a commercial property and took out a commercial mortgage through HSBC to fund it. In July 2009 funds were gettting tight so we went back to the bank and they agreed that we could change to an interest only mortgage for six months. Since July we have been charged £50 a month by the bank for "monitoring our account". We are now repaying the capital back on the mortgage as we were before July 2009. HSBC say they will stop charging us the £50 a month if we sign another debenture to secure the mor
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