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  1. This Panasonic TV was purchased to replace the LG TV when LG finally admitted that it couldn't deliever BBC iplayer (and in future ITV PLayer). As a refund wasn't given by LG, I seeked a refund from teh retailer, who refunded once they saw my argument. When purchasing the replacement Panasonic, I checked all advertising, and there was nothing that would make me believe that ITV would not become available to a set released in 2010 (after Freesat's Press release of Jan 2010). I do not feel that the retailer should suffer again, because of the manufacturer/Freesat so on this ocassion willing to accept a box in order to receive ITV player. This refused, by both Panasonic and Freesat.... even though I pointed out Emma Scott's (MD of Freesat) statedment of 2009/2010... “With ITV Player also due to launch on Freesat in the first half of this year, we will be the only TV platform to offer catch up services from both major broadcasters on a subscription free basis and without the need to buy new equipment.” and that Freesat have been advertising a similar statement on website, and on in store leaflets. I have contacted the ASA, but not sure what their reply meant ! "Unfortunately we won’t be able to help you on this occasion, as the content falls outside the remit of the CAP Code." So I have a few options. 1. seek refund from retailer, and purchase replacement TV - which costs more, as they have 3D content (which I don't require) 2. sit back, and keep my TV, and accept that ITV player will not arrive, despite what has been advertised throughout the year. However, either way, Major global corporations such as Panasonic must not be allowed to benefit from sales by wearing the freesat ‘badge’, then let their customers down by not meeting the full freesat range of services extant at the time models such the 2010 G20 were designed and marketed. To hide behind contractual technicalities when the going gets tough is something customers who have spent upwards of £600 on a freesat TV will not forget when the time comes to next replace their TV’s, and other consumer technology.
  2. in Nov 2009, Freesat announced that it's Freesat HD service would be receiving ITV player. http://www.joinfreesat.co.uk/index.php/itv-player-to-launch-on-freesat There press release in January 2010 cinfirmed this.... http://www.freesat.co.uk/files/3112/9172/7869/BBC_iPlayer_trial_on_Freesat_expanded.pdf It quotes….. “With ITV Player also due to launch on Freesat in the first half of this year, we will be the only TV platform to offer catch up services from both major broadcasters on a subscription free basis and without the need to buy new equipment.” *** WITHOUT THE NEED TO BUY NEW EQUIPMENT *** Which followed in numberous advertising stating that ITV player would be coming in 2010. Altough almost a year late, ITV player arrived - that is for Humax owners, and Freesats 999 Channels states that it would be coming soon over the next few months to other Freesat HD boxes & TVs. However.... in this month Freesat has posted on their website which models of devices will be getting ITV player. http://www.freesat.co.uk/what-you-get/on-demand-tv/check-your-box-or-tv-for-on-demand My TV - a Panasonic TX-L32G20B isn't going to receive ITV player, even though it was released in March 2010 - AFTER Freesat's press release/annoucement earlier in the Year. Panasonic response to this when queried was;- "Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed. ", and confusionly In response, the comments made by Freesat are not model or manufacturer specific. We can only support information provided by Panasonic directly, not other companies. We are currently looking into the possibly of adding services such as ITV player, 4oD and 5 on demand. However, we can not currently offer any definitive statement as to whether these services will ultimately become available. "To confirm, these services did not form a part of the television's original specifications and Panasonic have not confirmed if these services will indeed be added." Freesat's response was :- "I am sorry to hear of your situation, although I hope you can appreciate this is not something that Freesat can directly influence. Freesat doesn’t make or sell any products, so ultimately the decision to develop software for new services like ITV Player rests with the manufacturers of Freesat receivers. " As Panasonic has had my registration details of the TV, since the day of purchase, have not made any attempt to contact me stating that ITV player is not possible, and my request of a replacement product or additional equipment has been rejected. I had pointed out , what is currentlt being shown on Channel 999/900, and what was advertised throught the year.... i.e. “With ITV Player also due to launch on Freesat in the first half of this year, we will be the only TV platform to offer catch up services from both major broadcasters on a subscription free basis and without the need to buy new equipment.” *** WITHOUT THE NEED TO BUY NEW EQUIPMENT *** Not sure where to goto next. ASA for false advertising, Trading standards, or just take it on the chin, and accept that my TV may not be possible to receive any future Freesat HD services.
  3. Contacted Toshiba, and they stated a replacement installation disc would cost £29.90. A further e-mail to Toshiba, I was then sent a disc FOC, altough the media they used was poor - drive had problems reading it, and running finer around the rim of the disc, showed it to be 'very bumpy'. However, several attempts later, finally managed to read the disc, and intsall Windows 7 64 Bit, back onto teh Laptop. Another backup of the OS following Toshiba's instructions will be made for future use (just in case the disc they sent fails to be read)
  4. 18 months ago I purchased a Toshina Laptop which was pre-installed with Windows 7 - 64 Bit, and came supplied with Windows 7 - 32 Bit Recovery DVD. The manual stated that it was best to burn a copy of the 64 Bit Operating system, as it may need to be required, and if not, replacement would be at a cost - to avoid this cost, I made a copy following the instructions in the manual. The DVDs were kept in a safe place. However this weekend, I needed to re-install teh software, so decided to use the DVDs that I had created. All appeared to go well, asked me to remoce DVD, however, during the process an error message popped up, informing me to press OK, and to restart the installation. This I did for a second time, only to get the same error message. I decided to try the 32 Bit installation disc, and the installation competed without any problems. However - I wish to use Window 7 64 Bit and not Windows 7 32 Bit. Contacting Toshiba, I am told that to obtain a installation Disc for 64 Bit, I would be charged !!!! I believe, that my Discs are not corrupted, or if so, the corruption must have been at the point of intaial use of teh laptop 18 months ago. Similar response from the retailer. I have offered to send my Discs for examination, but this fell on deaf ears. What are my rights ? Am I entitled to a 64 Bit installation Disc or will I just have to use the 32 bit system ?
  5. Cheque, received, and it was a cheque for the full amount paid (including Deposit), made by the retailer. Thank you retailer. Thank you LG, as I have now purchased another manufacturer's TV.
  6. Retailer has the TV, but hasn't refunded me yet.... I even agreed for the deposit (paid by debit card) to be added to the refund cheque, rather than to be put back onto the card. After a week, I telephoned the store and was told that the refund would come via the Finance company that handles the credit agreement for the store.... not sure if this is just a delay tactic or not. I was under the impression, that when the store agreed to the refund, that the refund was ready, and was just awaiting for the TV to be returned, before it could be issued.
  7. Retailer has offered a full refund on payments paid to date, once the TV is returned. Unfortunately the store has no TV of same value to exchange, so will have to purchase one from another store. Rather than take the call as being 'gospel', I requested that this is sent to me in an e-mail, on which I will arrange for the store to pick up the TV, and have a replacement ordered in time to replace it. It's a shame that because of the manufacturer, the retailer has take action, and on this occasion - lose a sale !
  8. Visited Retailer (Thursday) after receiving no response from my e-mail that I send to them on 11th Oct (resent 18th), and explained the problem, and that LG's solution wasn't suitable. The CS advisior asked what I was expecting, on which I replied "A TV with intergrated tuners capable of receiving HD channels and IPTV services such as BBC iplayer, without the need of additional equipment (tuners, remotes)" I suggested that my final payments are suspended, until a agreeable solution has been found. The advisor mentioned that other customers (also from other manufacturers) were having problems, but did not mentioned what their solution was for them. The CS advisor should be getting back to me this week, after discussing my case with his manager. He however did agree that waiting 10 months for LG's solution wasn't acceptable !
  9. Response from ASA, but unsure what it means. "Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority. I’m sorry to hear that this matter has caused you concern. On 1 September 2010 the Committee of Advertising Practice announced that the ASA’s remit will be extended to cover the content of marketing communications online. However, that extended remit will not come into force until 1 March 2011, to allow the ASA and CAP to conduct training work to raise awareness and educate business on the requirements of the CAP Code, particularly amongst those who may not previously have been subject to ASA regulation. More information about the change of remit can be found on our website. Until 1 March 2011, the ASA is able to apply the Code to certain kinds of material on websites. They are: · online ads in space that’s been sold by the website owner to a third party; e.g. banner and pop-up ads · sponsored search results (i.e. the links advertisers pay search engines to offer when you enter particular search terms) and · sales promotions. We regulate these wherever they appear, including in advertisers’ websites or e-mails. (Examples of sales promotions are free gifts and prize competitions; simple price cuts and savings claims aren’t sales promotions and we can’t investigate them.) Because your complaint doesn’t fall within one of those categories I’m afraid that we’re unable to pursue it further."
  10. No response from Retailer, or the ASA As LG has owned up to the problems being down to the software, and ethernet socket, I am going to visit the retailer tomorrow, and request that they replace or refund the cost of the TV. "Due to the technical difficulties that LG have encountered in updating the software on the freesat TV's, the LF7700 is unable to recieve the interactive services." As the TV is advertised as being capable of receiving IPTV services - where in fact it's unable to do so, I assume that under the sales of goods act, the retailer should replace/refund the cost of the TV ?
  11. LG's response.... when queried that to use the supplied 'Goodwill gesture box' that an additional installation would have to be put in place. "The set top boxes were sent as a goodwill gesture, LG were under no obligation to do so, and as such we can confirm that we will not be reimbursing, or offering any kind of compensation for your new installation. "
  12. LG has deleivered a Freesat box for me to use in order to receive BBC iplayer. I was informed on 25th Aug, that this would be delivered within 7 days. After the 7th day, I e-mailed LG, requesting that the box to be upgraded to a HDD box, as this would be more suitable (i.e. would replace my recorder), but was told that it was not negotiable. The receiver eventually arrived 16th Sept ! Letter to Head Office was sent 25th August - No reply. I did however managed to speak to their Head of Customer Services, only after insisting that I was to receive a HDD receiver, but got nowhere. He stated that the standard receiver was a gesture, not negotiable, and that LG didn't even have to provide the receiver ! - I requested for a full report to be sent regarding the problems with producing the BBC iplayer update, but he stated that this would be unlikely ! I have received the following responses via their e-mail system..... ·Why dates such as soon, mid-July was given for the BBC iPlayer update. “The dates were planned release dates but have been put back due to technical difficulties” ·Why it has taken until 23rd August to display anything regarding BBC iPlayer on LG’s website. “LG have never stated iplayer will be available, its function of freesat HD was released after the televisions were manufactured.” ·Whether your company has now abandoned a whole cohort of your customers by deciding not to proceed with any future updates (including ITV Player, and other Freesat HD services). “New updates will be available when faults that require a firmware fix are detected” ·An accurate indication when the BBC iplayer update will happen, and the update for ITV player. “Unfortunately there is no available indication due to ongoing difficulties” ·Why the LF7700 has become an discontinued product. “Models are discontinued after 4-5 months of being on the market to make way for new ones” I still have three monthly payments outstanding with the retailer. (a little over £100) In order to use the Freesat box,alongside the TV, I would have to have an additional satelitte feed installed, and to have the inconviance of using an additional remote, additional cables, etc... I am willing for the retailer to cancel the outstanding payments, which would be used to pay for the additional feed, and to keep the TV. Is this a fair offer to approach the retailer with ?
  13. After reading the press release (see attachment) I decided that I wanted an intergrated Freesat/Freeview television that would provide future IPTV services, such as BBC iplayer, ITV Player, etc.... When I purchase my TV at the end of December 2009, aand connected it to my router, I had no IPTV services. It appeared that the only service, was BBC iplayer that was just released on certain Freesat boxes. The press release stated "The LF7700 is packed with the latest technology features, including an Ethernet port, connecting viewers directly to future IPTV services." I contacted LG throughout 2010 regarding the BBC iplayer service, and was told : Jan 2010 - "Freesat and BBC iPlayer finished their testing in December and LG are currently updating the software now - as we speak" June 2010 - "This update should be available by the middle of July" July 2010 - "Unfortunately we do not at present have any information as the exact release date for when BBC iPlayer will be available on LG televisions. We can confirm we are currently in talks with BBC regarding this matter and hope to have an answer in the near future." Then on 25th August - LG announced that due to problems they are unable to provide the update, and as a gesture of goodwill, were giving a Freesat HD box in order to receiver BBC iplayer. As the main purpose of purchasing the TV was to have an intergrated device, eliminating the need of additional boxes/cables/remotes, the 'goodwill gesture' was not suitable. Am I entitled under the Sales of Goods Act, to receive a full refund ? Who do I claim this refund from - LG or the retailer ? freesat-release_final.doc
  14. after talking to the council, and highlight that 'others' have fences that exceed 1m without Planning permisison, I told them I'd rather extend my Garage (into a double) at a later date - rather than to waste money on planning permisison for a small fence. I was told for extending a Garage - I may not need Planning permission ! This will achieve the same result, but rather than have our share of the drive enclosed in our garden - it will be enclosed within the garage. Crazy
  15. just took a walk last night, and the 'shared' drives of the other resisdents, all appear to have evidence that there was a dividing fence. These must have been removed years ago, to accomdate wider cars (enabling only one car at a time to be parked on the drive). (Of course they may have been told to remove the fences, due to lack of planning permission) I assume that if you are replacing a tall fence with a new fence, then no planning permission is required, but what about re-instating a fence. in summary, out of 50+ houses in my street (25 backing onto 25 divided by the access road to the garages/drives), there appears to be 3 pairs (6 houses) that have not divided their drives. in neigbouring street, running adjacent - similar situation. in neigbouring street, running at right angles - - similar situation.
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