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  1. Thank you for your help. I'm going to fill out my set aside form and get the process going. A bit frightening but I'll give it a go. I'll let you know what happens!
  2. Thank you for your help. I will apply to the court to stop them. According to the threads and national debt line not getting the original summons is not enough??
  3. I don't understand how to get it set aside, what do i say? Do I have enough of a case to get it set aside? Sorry but I have a lot going on and without clearly knowing what to do I'm finding this hard on my own.
  4. I Have a CCJ taken out be cl finance and Howard Cohen last oct 2009. I became aware of it when I tried to dispute my account in April 2010. I tried to get proof of it from them and the court - not able to. I now know the ccj does exist and I have sent the £5 fee to the court to get the case details. They want 1200 by 19th October or they are threatening baliffs or attatchment to earnings. I sent them the letter asking for the original sighned agreement which they could not provide but said it is still enforceable and they can still collect the money. The debt is from about 1997 with first dire
  5. I've posted on here and had no replies. I could have baliffs at my door if I don't pay £1200 by 19th October!!! Can no one help me! Am I going to loose everything!! I have a CCJ against me, I can't pay it, I don't know where to start with getting it set aside or if i have a case to do that? I finally feel beaten!
  6. I have a CCJ taken out against me without my knowledge in 2009 and became aware of it 2010 from CL Finance/Howard Cohen. I tried to get the court documents and info from cl finance and they did not respond. Howard Cohen are now threatening baliffs if i don't pay over 1200 in next two weeks. I can' pay this!! I don't know what to do first? Should I apply to stop them first with a N245 or have it set aside with a N244 as I did not know the judgement was being taken out and was at the time challenging the debt recovery due to the age and no original documents. Please can someone help?? Don'
  7. Hi, Can someone clarify my position for me as I'm very confused. Cl Finance and Howard Cohen took out a CCJ at Northampton cc on me in August 2009. I have made payments and lapsed for three or four months as they did not contact me when I told them of my new address and asked them for a settlement figure. They claim hey sent letters to my old address and yet all my other creditors got my new address and those accounts continued without any problem. I am looking at trying to get the ccj set aside. I have asked them to supply the original signed agreement and sent the letters you recom
  8. Thank you for all your help.I will take a look
  9. I last made a payment in April while I was trying to find out about the ccj I made some payments from Jan 09 but have only just found proof this exists as they just send me threatening letters and make threats over the phone. I've stopped paying because they won't reply to me. I never saw any documents about the ccj it was taken out without my knowledge Thank you so much for your help
  10. Thank you for this reply but I don't think it comes under time barred as I was making payments to CL Finance, there was a small break in payments as I could not contact them and they did not contact me but I have made payments since. I'll check out the links but they don't seem to apply in my case?
  11. HI Can anyone help? I have found out that a CCJ was taken out against me by Howard Cohen and CL Finance as they say I did not give them my new address and did not pay an old loan. The Loan is over 10 years old and I did give them my new address but they kept writing to my old address. They took out the judgement without my knowing. I have requested the original signed agreement and asked for the CCJ details and they do not respond to my letters at all. Is there anything I can do??? Please help
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