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  1. Cumbrian Peasant - I have sent you a PM. I haven't been online for ages due to very poor mental health. Rae, I'd like to thank you for all your help with the letter for my appeal, which has now been passed to tribunal stage as obviously - I was found fit to work after all the 'discrepencies' at my medical. I wish you all the best of luck. -Marie
  2. Something similar happened to me. When I left work due to sickness, I rang them and told them straight away. They said they would continue to pay my working tax credit for four weeks after the date. They kept paying it after then, so I called them and asked them to stop. The woman I spoke to said I had never called her in the first place to say I had left work and therefore would have to repay all the money back. She was incredibly rude on the phone and basically called me a liar, saying there was no record of my call, so I didn't phone in. Well, an intemised phone bill soon resolved that matter! In the end, it turned out they owed me nearly £2,000 as they never had my daughter who was in full-time education on my claim.... even though I made them aware of this when I first went back to work.
  3. My 10 year son has dyspraxia and like your little boy, has much the same problems. He is on the waiting list to see an OT at present. The school nurse made the diagnosis of dyspraxia - he has NOT been officially diagnosed by the Occupational therapist as yet. The waiting list is really long here. Yes, you can make a claim for DLA, an official diagnosis makes it easier, but it's not always necessary. Don't be put off by the size of the form and if you get refused, appeal. Nearly everyone gets refused first time unfortunately. I would say, yes you can make a claim for DLA
  4. All the very best Rae. -Marie
  5. Is it this one? Labour BeLittle's Britains Wheelchair users | Facebook#
  6. I've never heard of the Job Center imforming the council before, I always thought that it was up to the claimant. I can't understand why they told you that at all. I recently appealled against an overpayment of £2,500 HB and £900 CT and won. While I was working, I went down to my local council area office with details of my Child Tax Credit, wage slips and Working tax credit and was told I didn't have to pay any rent or Council Tax as my wages were so low. Well that didn't sound right to me, so I kept asking them if they were correct in their calculations. They kept telling me not to worry and it was all fine. Then in December I had a letter telling me of the overpayments. I appealled on the grounds that I had visited the council office on four occassions because I was convinced that they had made an error and I was given incorrect information. After investigation, all the visits I had made were logged and it was decided that the front line staff had made the error and the overpayment was wiped off. I hope really hope things work out for you. JCP and DWP are pretty poor at communication at times and I personally would not have accepted what I was advised and informed the council of the changes myself. If you have the money saved aside though and can prove that the Job center advised you that they would inform the council for you, hopefully it will be seen that you acted in good faith.
  7. I'm a Born and bred Bristolian! Talking of dialect one of the funniest things I've heard in my life was when I was about 14, my father, a very keen gardener gave our nextdoor neighbour some rather large leeks. I then heard my neighbours wife's exclaim from the kitchen..... "Cor, theyze gert big uns, werz get they?" "He next dorr giz um I"
  8. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was on IS between periods of employment a few years back. I had very much the same letter. A DWP person just came out and just checked all my details were correct. I was worried about it at the time, but everything was fine. -Marie
  9. Many thanks for your help again Rae, just spent the best part of today writing a letter of complaint to DWP and ATOS. I'm far from subtle though and am worried it might be a bit 'sarcastic'. Not that I've got anything to be sarcastic about mind you, regarding my medical assesment.......
  10. Congratulations! I am so pleased for you and your family -Marie
  11. Ok....one more question! Where exactly do I need to send this letter? Any specific address? Sorry for the questions guys. I'm just totally in the dark. Cheers -Marie
  12. Many, many thanks for your help Rae. Very much appreciated. -Marie P.S oh and Patrickq1 also of course!
  13. How would I go about doing that Subject access request? Do I need to fill in a specific form, or just send an email to ATOS? I'm totally clueless here. Thanks people. -Marie
  14. I had my medical assesment for ESA on 12th April. Last Friday I telephoned DWP and asked for a copy of my medical report. Well, I expected to be waiting a fair few weeks for it. I got a shock as it turned up in the post this morning. It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that there seemed to be quite a few discrepencies on there...to say the very least. I suffer from bi-polar, my condition led to me loosing my job in February. Currently I am on anti-psychotic drugs as I have been in one of the worst manic phases I have ever had the 'pleasure' of experiencing. This leads me to have hallucinations and paranoid thoughts. Yes I mentioned this fact to the 'registered nurse' who did my medical. I also told her that I had seen my G.P only the week before, who told me that she wants to see me every week for the foreseeable future as I am walking a 'tightrope' in regards to my mental stability. Well, surprise, surprise.... "No hallucinations", "No paranoid thoughts" on the medical report..... I had a representative from mind with me, who took notes. Of course he was told that these notes would not be allowed to be used in an appeal or tribunal before he started writing. I was so upset by this report that I telephoned the DWP and told them about the misrepresentations on the form. I was then told, very coldy that I should never have been given the medical report so quickly as it hadn't even been put on the system yet. The lady I spoke to sounded very perturbed that I had effectively obtained the notes before she had. I just can't believe how the DWP can get away with this.
  15. All the very best for tomorrow. Really hope things go well for you. -Marie
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