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  1. Hi I have had great advice the whole way through this employment ordeal from lots of different members, so thanks. But i have one urgent question that if someone could point me in the rightdirection would be great. I have my industrial tribuneral tmrw... got a call in the monring of the acas lady i have been liasing with, and she was phoning to check i had not forgotton and was ready for court tmrw (well today now Thursday 31st May). Later on in the evening i got a call (that i did not take) that was from the 'legal courts' saying that there was no available court rooms/ sp
  2. Hi there , thanks for the reply. I have filed the ET1 claim and then person whom its against has replied (and i received that reply to it today - stating they are not the director and so refute the claim) I have a contract of employment, signed by myself and my 'boss' on behalf of the company (company X) I didnt get a new contract when the compnay changed its name to company Y or Z (i was never informed about Z at all) - if this makes any diffenrence The only contact i have had with any of the 'company' under 3 different names'has been through this man, and his home address.
  3. Hi there Just after a quick bit of help hopefully. I am in the process of an employment tribuneral claim - for redundacy, holiday pay and all that stuff. But after submitting the claim, the person i was submitting it against has come back and said that they are not the director of the company and so the claim is void/ is nothing to do with them? In short: My boss (the person who hired me, and paid me and who all communication ever went through), came to my house and stated that they were retiring and that all work was transferring under tupe However tupe in not happenei
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. Im am in the process of drafting a letter asking for clarification I have read the TUPE definition by law and still do not think it applies here. Thank you sidewinder for your detailed reply: A couple of points though (like you havent helped enough) "Is the cleaning arrangement under a contract? If so, when does the contract expire? If it is on a rolling agreement and notice has not been given that the contract is to be terminated, then I believe that the office where you clean has a legal obligation to transfer you across to carry out the cleani
  5. Hi all, I have a bit of an 'employment' issue. I think i am being made redundant, and my employer says i am being transferred under TUPE I want to see other peoples views, and what they would suggest? (i e am i doing to correct thing) In short. I work for a sole proprietor, as a cleaner. I clean an office, 10 hours a week paid hourly. My employer (sole proprietor) is retiring. The office i clean in, have decided that they are going to do the cleaning themselves, so its not being transferred 'in-house'. My employer has no other jobs - as he is retiring, and is 'wiping h
  6. Hi there Im new so hope this is in the correct place. I bought a golf trolley online (ebay) which came with a 12 month warranty. 3 months down the line it has developed a fault - doesnt work at all. no loose wires/ battery problem etc... I have contacted the seller who says i need to send it back they will repair and then send it on to me. I have to pay the cost to send it to them (they will pay the one back). This trolley weighs about 15kg and will be a inconvenice to pack up to say the least - with a courier we are looking at about a £20 cost. Their terms state
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