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  1. So, I rang them on the 2nd to ask when it'd be removed and was told 'within 7 days' and that I'd receive an email. I hadn't received an email so rang them today to ask what was going on. The woman on the phone said that the default had been removed and I'd need to generate a new report to see it so. There went £11. Generated a new report and it's still there. Not impressed. Just got off the phone to them again and I'm now being told if I order it tomorrow it will be removed. So...we'll see.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply - hopefully my score will go to 'fair' or 'good' and not 'poor' when this is removed...! In the case that it doesn't come off automatically, do I contact Equifax themselves? I don't really want to awake the sleeping dogs so to speak and contact the creditor directly....
  3. Hi all - I have a default placed on my Equifax report which states the following: Name Mr XX XX Date of Birth XX/XX/XXXX Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ XX Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ XX Start Date 22/07/2004 Date Updated 05/06/2007 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 02/05/2005 I was just wondering what 'delinquent' means, and also, if this default will drop off my report in a couple of weeks as the 2nd May signifies 6 years since the default date? The rest of my report is exc
  4. Thanks for the advice. Am I right in thinking that the default will drop off my report next month then as it'd be six years since the supposed default date?
  5. Hi, I've received a letter from Direct Legal & Collections today - stating the following: "We have made numerous attempts to contact you to agree a repayment program for this outstanding debt to no avail. Your account is now being transferred to our Debt Surveillance Programme where regular reviews into your financial circumstances will be conducted to assess your suitability for litigation action. We will continue to report your default to the credit reference agencies and may periodically instruct field agents to visit your property to assess your ability to pay.
  6. Thanks mate I appreciate your help/advice with this. I'll keep calm and carry on as they say and should we get any nasty surprises at the door, I'll put the above in motion!
  7. The first letter appeared shortly after I looked at my Equifax credit report, so I assume this was the method to which they 'found me'. The first initial letter I got from provident also offered this 'fresh start' last year, and noted that an agent would call round. No one did. I believe that provident/greenwoods are the same company, so maybe it's a case of they're going through outstanding debts in the office and trying again for some sort of response. My main concern is that someone will actually turn up. I currently live with my fiancee and her parents at their home, and although the
  8. Hi Revenant, sorry I didn't make myself more clear. It was myself who took out the loan, and it was my signature on the contract. I took it out for my sister who was in dire straits at the time (fell for her sob story). Ultimately, my sister fell back on payments and now the company were trying to contact me for full payment. I've not spoken to them since '06, and have been at this current address since '08. I've never acknowledged the debt, nor responded to the one letter I had from them last year. So, with that I was under the impression that they don't know for certain I'm at th
  9. Hi all, Received a letter today from Greenwoods stating that they are taking over an old debt from Provident. This debt is 4 years old now and although this isn't an excuse for non payment, the debt was taken out at the time for my sister who never paid it back. Silly, because it was in my name due to her already owing them money. However, I have moved address twice since the loan was taken out, and I have not had any contact with Provident since 2006. I have received a 'fresh start' letter from Provident at this address last year, to which I ignored. Now Greenwoods are stating that
  10. Hi all, One of my relatives is currently dealing with Lowell Group following a debt on Littlewoods catalogue. They have just spoken to them on the phone regarding a payment plan, and have agreed to pay by installments. My question is, Lowell are insistant that the only way she can pay is via direct debit and they will not accept any other sort of payment. However, she has recently had issues with the bank which has been to the ombudsman and does not wish to set up a direct debit and wants to pay via another method. Are Lowells right to refuse any other method of payment? Thanks
  11. I've just received a letter from Philips too regarding an old debt with Welcome Finance, which was passed onto a DCA (can't remember the name), then to another (Zinc) and now Philips. The debt is statute barred next month, and I've never acknowledged the debt since 2004 - should I file this new attempt away or am I to expect a visit?
  12. Whoah, someone's angry lol! I don't feel it's a '[problem]', just feel I should of been made aware of this at some point - although it's probably in the small print so no doubt they'll tell me what I already know and that it's my own fault. I do wonder if they could maybe waiver some of it given I'm such a good customer??
  13. Hi all, I've got a contract phone with T-Mobile which I've had for exactly one year. I'm on an 18 month contract, flext 40 which includes £250 of credit each month to use. Each month I pay by direct debit and have always paid on time for the full amount with no issues. This month, I have been sending a text message to vote for my fiancee in a competition, utilising my £250 of credit. However, looking at my t-mobile profile, it seems that the number I've been texting isn't included in my free £250 of credit. Thus, my next bill is £114.00!! I've never been made aware, nor re
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