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  1. Hi Slick, thanks for your reply. I'm going to go and speak to the bank manager. I had sort of come to terms with the idea that I'll just have to try and find a way to get around maybe have to work more hours at a job... THEN, all of a sudden, I received a letter from Barclaycard, telling me how easy it is to get credit. They made me a personalised offer of a credit card with a maximum of £2000 credit limit, at a rate of 29.9% APR. Brilliant! Now I can go and buy my apparently non-course related equipment on their credit, after all! But, wait, isn't it the case that I am, in fact, not
  2. Hi Howler. I don't have a great deal of experience, but hope I can be of some help... I notice you have removed the signatures. Was your signature on the credit agreement sent to you by equidebt? Do you remember signing that document? Were T&Cs enclosed with the letter?
  3. Hi there everyone. This forum has become my one and only help with all matters financial. I've come to you for advice as to help my friends and loved ones before, but now I need help for me. To explain, I've been with Barclays, the only bank that I've ever been with, for 15 months. I initially opened a basic cash card account, on account of not really having a credit rating at all. After 10 months, I applied for a student account, in preparation for starting university in September 2010. At the time, I briefly discussed the option of an overdraft for when I got to university. I was a
  4. Hi Uncle bulgaria, thanks for your swift response. As you can imagine my friend is quite worried and would like to get the matter resolved before returning to Germany. I've offered to help as I have some experience with DCAs getting rid of false credit card debts and, with the matter going down a similar route that the previous ones have, I wondered if there was a quick resolute way of closing the matter. Obviously paying off the amount in full or offering repayment in instalments is an option, but my friend is aggrieved at the thought of paying what he feels he doesn't owe and is in
  5. Hi all! Hope you're well today. I was wondering if you could help me. My old flatmate moved to Germany leaving some affairs out of order. He has recently come back to stay for a short time before returning to Germany. We have received a number of letters from Barclays and RMA, who are a DCA based in Preston. The affairs were two overdrafts that my flatmate believed were sorted out before he left, although it appears now they were not. Clearly Barclays haven't been able to enforce the debt and have sold it on to RMA, as they sent a notice of transferral for both overdrafts
  6. Thanks very much, Bigredbus, I'll look into lodging a grievance as soon as possible and update you with how it goes.
  7. Though, my boss has allowed others to not turn up to work and just ignored that fact. Others that are still employed.
  8. Does not turning up to work count as gross misconduct? I have a feeling they'll say they never got word about me not turning up on Monday and stick to that story.
  9. 7 months, which I realise means there's no grounds for unfair dismissal, but I could claim wrongful dismissal, if I understand correctly..?
  10. Hi there. I've recently had a lot of advice regarding DCAs elsewhere on your wonderful forums, but now I need employment help, well, more specifically, dismissal. It's all a bit of a mess and I'm worried about my status. I was a concession manager in a fashion retail store up until today and last Friday, upon returning to the stand after my lunch break, I was confronted by my line manager, who proceeded to chastise me for the fact that the stand was untidy. She shouted at me on the shop floor and swore. People were gawping, other concession workers witnessed it and I felt horrifically
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm concerned about them "acting on behalf"... Does this mean they no longer need to get the credit agreement..? The phone calls have continued, but I don't answer them... I'm just concerned they might try another method before the 12 + 2 days expires and I don't have time to send the "account in dispute" letter before they take another step... Help!!
  12. Guys! Long time no speak! Think you will love this! I've been checking around the boards and it seems AIC do this often, but I have received a letter which reads: 21 April Dear XXXXXX Re: Natwest Card Service - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Allied International Credit - XXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your recent letter, which I have attached for your refertence. As we are currently acting on behalf of Natwest Card Services in respect of recovering the outstanding debt on this account, we are unable to comply with your request. Such requests need to be adressed to the legal o
  13. Here you go! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Sorry about that! Thanks so much again, guys!
  14. Hi guys. Uploaded the default notice for you guys to check, but I think it's all legit. Will upload any correspondence regarding CCAs and give you an update regarding the whole thing as soon as I know more. Thanks so much again for your help, you guys are amazing! p.s. Your videos prank calling the DCAs were very funny indeed!
  15. The two cards were confirmed by my girlfriend... Should we request CCAs for both of them, even though she's started paying back the first debt..? I realise we should send these two requests separately, with separate Postal Orders and separate delivery, so they can't deny one has gone missing, right..?
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