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  1. Just an update on the car, we sent a recorded letter to his business address , this was not delivered and came back to local post office so take it he refused to sign. Car was repaired yesterday by garage we use for 800 as mass flywheel had failed also (part of clutch setup) which is a common issue on modern cars So will issue money claim online and see how this goes
  2. The other gears are stiff, its reverse that's the worst
  3. Ok thanks, the attitude I got from him the phone was it's not his problem so know it will be an issue
  4. We want to keep the car but just have the repair done, as paid out for insurance/ service plus daughter needs car for work, apart from the clutch issue it's fine
  5. My daughter bought a 2010 Alfa gillietta for 3700 from a dealer nearby to us last month with advert stating service and cambelt needed doing so budgeted for this to be done. Service carried out by Alfa specialist who stated that the clutch was going and needed to be replaced for 300-500 as budget price. They said dealer should cover this as within 30 days I drove the car myself and its very hard to get in reverse gear(not like this when test driven) I spoke to dealer who said he would offer 100 toward it, I pointed out as in first 30 days he had to repair it or we could reject the car, he does not want to know Sent letter recorded yesterday just seeing what's next step , also he trying to say he's not a dealer but has a garage for repairing cars on industrial unit with the ad saying trade on eBay plus he currently has 3 cars on for sale on eBay
  6. Received penalties through for one of our vans which is registered for autopay, turns out my card details need updating on website as I have a new card We had no notification that we needed to update details by post like most services like this can I appeal.? Also I cannot access account online as they have changed the web page I cannot remember password saved on iPad but every time I ring up there's a 10mins plus queue
  7. Check the local councils guidance on the observation time, I got a ticket in Enfield on lpay and display issued within 5mins and appealed as there policy was 10mins and won Google the docs
  8. I ve received a charge for entering cc area, I had registered my van prior to this on TfL site, however going further into the autopay side you need to add this in seperatly , I did not realise this is it worth appealing as I thought once registered ( I already have another van on it so card details valid) that would be it
  9. Have you a screen shot of he's website in case he changes it
  10. I ve read the codes and they relate to the fuel system, specifically small leak fuel system , might be an injector . It had been serviced recently with a new fuel filter fitted. The ad states a great drive , with these faults coming up its not
  11. The parts on his account relate to his mini on his drive and a transit van he has replaced my van with so I do not think he is a dealer. Just want to know where I stand as a private buyer
  12. Not a dealer just looked at his profile. He has replied but not mentioned paying for anything
  13. This is the link , I picked up from his house the vans in good condition except for the issues Just wondering if he was aware of it as it came up straight away
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