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  1. Hi all, i hope you can help help with this. Lloyds have written to say that they failed to issue me with correct statutory late payment notices in 2010 and so they owe me £52.47 which they have used to reduce my balance. The account was paid off in 2011 by way of a 40% full and final settlement and the account marked with the credit agencies as partially satisfied. As the overcharging occurred prior to the 40% F&F agreement am I entitled to claim a partial refund paid directly to me or would that contravene the F&F settlement? Do other factors come in to play?
  2. A small donation. Please use my CAG name. Thanks to all who, like Martin stand up for what is right and work unheralded to help and support others.
  3. Hello, I will try to keep this brief and would appreciate any advice. The other driver drove into and damaged my unattended parked car. His insurers admitted liability. I informed my insurance company and decided to deal with the incident myself so that I didn't have to fork out the excess and claim it back later as I was told it could take up to 3 months to recover. I took my car for repair quotes. His insurers paid for the repairs and provided a hire car at their expense whilst mine was off the road. My unavoidable activity as the result of the third party's negligence was to: make and receive several phone calls composed several faxes letters and emails drive to bodyshops for quotes deliver my vehicle for repair Collect hire car (which owing to admin error by the third party insurer took 4 hours!) returned hire car and collected my repaired vehicle. I am not sure of everything I can reasonably claim for. I presume the actual cost of phone calls, postage, faxes and fuel. What about the inconvenience of having to spend time dealing with the matter? Can I quantify and claim a cost for that? I work from home for my own company. I did not pay myself less but I was forced to be away from my work for several hours in total. How do I put a value on that? I see that in the small claims courts judges often award about £9.50 an hour for letter writing, research etc. would that be reasonable to claim. p.s. I do not have legal expenses on my insurance policy.
  4. One SAR should produce all the data they have for all accounts in your name individual (and joint too I think). You only have to send £10 no matter how many accounts you have. I suggest you use a CAG template letter. Good luck
  5. The companies house website shows this as the registered address so if you send it addressed to the Data Controller you should be sure of it reaching them. I think that is better than sending it to a regional office. Company No. 00002065 Lloyds TSB Bank plc 25 GRESHAM STREET LONDON EC2V 7HN
  6. Lloyds seem to have different standards to be satisfied that I am me. They refuse to comply with my recent subject access request unless I provide additional proof of identity. I have lived at the same address, and had accounts with Lloyds for many years. My name is unchanged since birth. I have used a digital printed signature since last summer. Lloyds complied with a S78 request without query, they write to me in response to my letters discussing personal information and continue to send statements and other sensitive personal info. I spoke to the Information Commissioner's Office - they say that Lloyds are being inconsistent and I should challenge them about it. Here is the exchange of letters. I would be grateful for caggers advice. 1. My Subject Access Request using the CAG template and £10 postal order. Signed digitally. 2. Reply from Lloyds - We see that we do not hold an up to date signature for you. For your security we will require a copy of either your Passport or Driving Licence, certified by a Lloyds TSB branch for identification purposes. Please call in to your local branch with these documents and they will be happy to update your signature on our records. Alternatively, once we have collected the information you can personally collect the parcel from a branch of your choice. You will be required to show some form of identification, such as your Passport or Driving Licence. If we do not hear from you within one month we will close our file. We will reopen it if you come back to us at any point afterwards. 3. My reply (extracts) - I have been using my digital signature to correspond with you for several months. You have continued to send extensive sensitive private information and correspond with me, why haven't you queried my identity before now? I do not wish to collect the data from a branch, please send it to me. In order to allay your concerns I enclose a copy of a recent utility bill addressed to me here as further verification of my identity. 4. LLoyds response - In order to protect your personal information and prevent it getting into the wrong hands we do require confirmation of your identity. I appreciate that we do regularly send other personal information to your address, however in this instance there could be a large volume of your personal information, including a full set of statements for several accounts over several years. It is therefore imperative that this information does not go astray and is only made available to the person entitled to the data. Therefore, in order to comply with your request, would you please either sign the attached authorisation form or indicate which branch would be the most convenient for you to collect from. In our experience the Information Commissioner's Office are supportive of such measures, which prevent possible breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998. Yours sincerly Lloyds TSB Data Subject Access Requests
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