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  1. Try around all the forums, lots of information on Wonga - seem to be the one that causes the most problems.
  2. I think their rollover of the loan would increase the interest from £45 to £90 plus the original loan of £150, add to that their 'letter charges', so you can see where the amount would raise - but that doesn't make it right.
  3. I've heard terrible things about these people. On InstantCashSolutions there was a thread of how they took over £3k out of someones account - scary stuff.
  4. Signing up for one thing sticks you on about a hundred mailing lists. Just make sure you untick the box for emails...
  5. BArker and Lowe are just another department in Wonga, they're harmless. Don't bother with them.
  6. Errol always comes across as quite simple.
  7. ANything further to add on this?
  8. They should have to provide their real address. It may not be listed on their website, you might actually have to phone in to ask.
  9. Sell the debt! Sell the debt! That's all they do. That's all they do.
  10. I think that is cheap - in terms of what payday companies charge - the average is around £12 I believe for a letter.
  11. I think their details are on the sticky thread at the top of the page.
  12. I'm in agreement, I also used that email for my contact with them.
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