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  1. Hinting they are from a utility company (In this case British Gas) is a tactic these do
  2. Agreed. And in my case, along with some others we were sold a course that does not/ did not exist, According to BPF, and of course Computeach did/could not supply.MCSE - Systems engineer This was stated in the letter from the BPF legal team to Hausfeld. But, indeed it is there in black & white on the enrolment forms.[which would also indicate having the course mis-sold] In my case - BPF have still not responded to the fos about this - but have responded with they have a judgement in their favour, and of course forgetting to mention that they have had a judgement against them [Fuzzbutt]
  3. In financial terms, yes. Fuzzbutt paid out nearly £5000. Judgement wise, did the judge not agree with Fuzzbutt? And award in her favour. Or at least was applying section 75 [as he viewed it] Financial win for Barclay's yes, legal win maybe not. At the moment it seems Fuzzbutt has been awarded in her favour, someone else a couple of pages back, not in their favour. With a few more coming up soon it might all become clearer.
  4. What amazes is me, is that i thought this whole thing [fos] was supposed to be impartial, based on the individual's individual complaint, issues and a whole lot of other stuff including mis selling and section 75. Not what has gone on in court with other people. Am i missing the whole point of fos ? - or more importantly have they lost sight of what their role as independent mediators is. Over the weekend i am going to sit down and write a letter to my MP, out lining the whole pathetic episode from start to finish. With reference to the moron's i have had to deal with from both BPF & fos, who quite frankly would have trouble comprehending the basics of tossing burgers at Big Mac.
  5. Some of you may well be aware that my appeal with fos is into its 18th month! Today my appeal adjudicator told me that BPF have informed him of a court decision going in their favour. He is in the process of looking at this. He was rather surprised and taken back to hear from me, of one going against them [Fuzzbutt] He has asked if i have any proof of this [ Fuzzbutt has given me her consent to send her court reply] and if so could i send it to him. The thing is i had already sent it to him - and it was signed for! You can't make some of this stuff up. I have told the adjudicator that i will be writing to my MP over all this - mainly the hideous time this is all taking, and the fact that fos seem hell bent on fighting the BPF corner for them. He did say sorry, and a lot of it was down to Barclay's very slow response time on some of the issues and complaints that i have made.
  6. Why are Cabot & Morgan solicitors using the same address and land line phone number ? I thought they were based in Rugby. Some stuff here. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?179886-Morgan-Solicitors-Cabot-s-new-in-house-litigation-department.
  7. Thanks for putting the Court outcome on the student site Fuzzbutt. I will be sending a copy to my fos appeal adjudicator if that's ok. I have emailed you first.
  8. Correct... As i said above, i am just waiting for my fos outcome, i appealed the first decision. With both appeals i am into the seventeenth month of waiting. It it goes against me, i will be going down the same road as Fuzzbutt [small claims] I believe you have a time frame of six years for this, and if so i am well within this.
  9. Well - my appeal adjudicator is waiting [and giving BPF plenty of time] to make something up....... it seems.
  10. Kranken - i have an interesting situation going on between fos & BPF over my appeal. This is under misselling. BPF claim my course was never provided by Advent, and as such is not provided by Computeach. Yet on my enrolment form it is clearly stated. See attachments. My course BPF claim
  11. Is it worth letting all the press/media people who took an interest at the start, of the outcome?
  12. Little consolation until you contest of course. But in the greater sum of all this, BPF are now on legally murky ground. Many students may find the confidence to take them on in small claims, what with the threshold rising in April. Good attempt Fuzzbutt, i am impressed [refund apart of course]
  13. Good luck Fuzzbutt. Into my Seventeenth month now with fos & BPF messing them around - this is just outrageous.
  14. Nearly Sixteen months - and no outcome of yet. On another note - if anyone is part of the Facebook thing going on over Advent/BPF. maybe they could spread the link about the change in Small Claims threshold ? Stir the nest up again, i should imagine some people are really fed up and thinking there is know where to go. But this could open up the flood gates.
  15. Well my appeal adjudicator has just called me about BPF's reply and to talk about my claim and clear up a few things. They have told him, that i have never intended to, or shown any intention of taking the provided course by Computeach, and that i am just trying to avoid payment. He has agreed to send me all of BPF's response when he has reached an outcome. It looks like this is their defence at the moment [bPF] With my first adjudication and my appeal, i am now into nearly sixteen months with fos.
  16. Small claims threshold may change in April to £15000.00 So for students with loans & interest over £5000.00 it looks like you might be able to take on BPF in small claims court with little or no cost like Fuzzbutt has done. Go over to Martin Lewis's site...moneysavingexpert.com for the details. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/family/2011/03/small-claims-limit-could-rise-to-15000 With a six year deadline to challenge these things - everyone should still be within the time frame. Hope someone from BPF is reading this, because if the government gets it's way, Then we might ALL be coming after you.
  17. What you have to look at financial wise, is the period from end of 2009 [just before Barclay's got involved] until the end of 2011 [which is the data shown] Very little growth, possibly due to lack of expected student influx. Like i said - ticking over [just]
  18. Here you go. Nothing really, just your average company ticking over.
  19. The gesture of goodwill does not state that the 'no time limit' comes free of charge. Well Fuzzbutt, the court might want to know why the offer of goodwill took so long and only after a letter of action................ And of course in the mean time it meant you had to look else where for a course of your own back. Good luck - there are a few people waiting to go down the same route.
  20. The have to do it by law - in fact it's the only time they seem to do any thing by the book.
  21. I was indeed sent the same brochure and 'Real'? student quotes from Advent - My original Adjudicator claimed this was not mis-selling, and wait for it...................................................but, STANDARD SALES TECHNIQUE. In some strange way, i feel if/when i go down the legal route, that fos statement might be very helpful. Standard sales technique and lies are two very different Animals - up to me to prove it of course.
  22. My fos outcome is at the moment in appeal - My original adjudicator sent me the reply paper work from BPF. This included the course that Computeach was to provide, with all the course modules and exams. He concluded this was fair, time limit did not come into it, as did no signature on the enrolment form.He agreed with BPF that i had not been mis-sold the course. However after i had looked at the so called new course details that BPF/Computeach provided fos. Its seems that they have provided the same exact Advent course/exams, which of course are now defunked. To me it seems that the fos are not really looking at the evidence in detail. Hence my appeal. Another case of mis-selling. I have had enough, so have joined the small group who are taking legal action. I have a box full of all the stuff Advent sent me while trying to coax me into signing up - all lies of course. Good luck with the court case Fuzzbutt. It looks like i am going down the same route - unless my fos appeal adjudicator comes good.
  23. Hey Tricla - You have a PM. I am in a rather comical situation with fos........................ They can not prove [they say] that i have been mis sold a course, but there is evidence that it is possible [they say] So they can not reach an outcome...!! They have suggested i agree an extension to the course with BPF. BPF have refused stating my course has now ended. Because of the refusal by BPF, my Adjudicator has now sent my case to a third [senior] Adjudicator. Interesting in the paperwork from BPF to fos - BPF claim nearly all the students have accepted the new course and the rest are just wanting to get out of paying the balance...good grief..!! One other thing, BPF have claimed to fos that there was no letter between their legal team and Hausfield stating that a 'Systems Engineering course' has not been made available. My third Adjudicator now has a copy of this letter.[This can now take up to another six months to review my case - bearing in mind my first complaint started at the end of last year] From my experience now with the fos, it seems that they are gutless, spineless Jelly Fish. For such a Trumpet blowing body not to/can not reach an outcome and suggest I/ME reach a compromise with BPF is just laughable. Oh and i am still sitting on an unsigned finance agreement from BPF. Fos have told me i would have to see a solicitor about that... It's outside their boundary.
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