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  1. I have the CCA's (I'm assuming by CCA you mean the credit agreement)from when I first took out the loans, albeit packed away abroad somewhere - what would I need to be looking for on the CCA? I have no idea what charges they have added since I defaulted and whether I could claim them back.


    As I mentioned before I want to clear the debt but really don't know the best way to make the initial contact and how to position myself.... what to offer, not offer, what rights I have vs what rights the DCA have.

  2. Hi Scott,


    Thanks for the quick reply! The main loan is with Egg for about £10k, currently being chased by Lowell financial and the other is with Lloyds bank for £4k being chased by Debt Management Ltd the credit card is at £2k being chased by Intrum Justitia (no idea who the lender is) and MBNA at £5k being chased by Link Financial - all have been defaulted for about 2 years and I have yet to make first contact with them.


    Any advice you can provide would be most helpful




  3. Hi,I'm currently defaulting on a number of loans and credit cards, I have been out of the country and have not managed to keep up the repayments but I am back and would like to sort out my debt problem. I have been receiving letters from debt collection agencies stating that they will start 'debt recovery proceedings' in 7 days and obviously I'm worried that this will result in a CCJ. Can anyone let me know what the procedure is for such a process and how best to go about negotiating either a final settlement or monthly repayment and whether there are any pitfalls that I need to be aware of, my main concern is that I'll be asked to pay more than I can afford as a couple of the loans are quite large.


    Many Thanks


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