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  1. Hi I've just been checking through my credit report and it quotes my current balance at £1.00 but my default balance at £5k - which is the one that I should be taking notice of? I am looking to contact the DCA and offer a settlement figure but obviously don't want to if the debt has already been written off or is in the process of being written off. Thanks
  2. I have the CCA's (I'm assuming by CCA you mean the credit agreement)from when I first took out the loans, albeit packed away abroad somewhere - what would I need to be looking for on the CCA? I have no idea what charges they have added since I defaulted and whether I could claim them back. As I mentioned before I want to clear the debt but really don't know the best way to make the initial contact and how to position myself.... what to offer, not offer, what rights I have vs what rights the DCA have.
  3. Hi, The loans and credit cards were taken out some time ago in maybe 2006/2007 and yes they were all on-line and unsecured.
  4. I have checked that I do not have any CCJ's as I am signed up with Experian for my credit report - is there another way I can check? I believe I have been receiving correspondence from the creditors and DCA's whilst I have been away to an old address and they have recently started sending them to my new address.
  5. Hi Scott, Thanks for the quick reply! The main loan is with Egg for about £10k, currently being chased by Lowell financial and the other is with Lloyds bank for £4k being chased by Debt Management Ltd the credit card is at £2k being chased by Intrum Justitia (no idea who the lender is) and MBNA at £5k being chased by Link Financial - all have been defaulted for about 2 years and I have yet to make first contact with them. Any advice you can provide would be most helpful Thanks Lappers
  6. Hi,I'm currently defaulting on a number of loans and credit cards, I have been out of the country and have not managed to keep up the repayments but I am back and would like to sort out my debt problem. I have been receiving letters from debt collection agencies stating that they will start 'debt recovery proceedings' in 7 days and obviously I'm worried that this will result in a CCJ. Can anyone let me know what the procedure is for such a process and how best to go about negotiating either a final settlement or monthly repayment and whether there are any pitfalls that I need to be aware of, my main concern is that I'll be asked to pay more than I can afford as a couple of the loans are quite large. Many Thanks Lappers
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