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  1. Yes they got the ccj. we missed two payments so they went for the co. I have never had any statement from them, no letters ever show the amount owed, i had to phone them today to find out the balance owed. yes its a joint debt although the loan was in my husband name only. I did reclaim charges a few years ago from the current account. i have no paperwork for the loan so not sure if it had ppi, Thanks for your help
  2. Shoosmiths, i was paying them directly. It was them who have sent me the letter today. i'd rather it wasn't taken when we sell the house which is one of the reasons we haven't moved house. The charging order was made in 2008, with the interest frozen. I would rather pay a percentage of the debt than the whole £5k coming of the sale of the house and it's knowing it is still on the house unsettles me.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Why is that, is it because there is an order on our house? Sorry it's a charging order, don't know if thats the same as an enforcement order. I have a letter from them asking for my incoming/outgoing and it says "our client has informed us that, in return for a lump sum payment in the short term, it may be prepared to accept less than the sum set out above in settlement of the sum outstanding from you" Does that make a difference do you think Thanks
  4. Hi, Just looking for some advise, i have a debt with natwest. it is made up from overdraft, visa and loan. They have an enforcement order on my house which was done around 4 years ago, i paid £100 per month for a year then (long story) payments stopped. No payment or correspondence has been made from me for 3 years I start uni in september and plan to use some of my bursary to pay of the debt. i owe £5100. How much should i offer them, bearing in mind my bursary is £2K and with no other income for the next 3 years this is there only chance of getting anything from me in the foreseea
  5. It looks like it may be but i'm not sure, would it be ok if i scanned the claim forms and pm them to you, see what you think? Thanks
  6. Thanks, just a couple of querys, Where do i get the n94 forms from, is it the courts, he has now found the original claim forms and they have an admission form n9a which is where you can break down income/outgoings and what you can afford to pay, could i use those. Allso there are two sets of papers, one in my oh name for £5994.86 and one in my name for £5988.83 both are for the same joint account and loan but wih different claim numbers, do i fill in the n94 forms for each account and if so any money i offer would that be for both claims, eg, i can aff
  7. Yes, thanks. He isn't a ltd company just the average headed paper we can all print of our computers, We paid him £11500.00, half the amount for the total works on 02/02/05 which he has given us a receipt advising as a deposit with a further payment to be made then we have to more signed receipts for two lots of £4k then things went wrong and his brikkies told us he was in trouble with other jobs and had laid them of without pay and that he never had any intention of finishing ours, this is when we confronted him. After lots of threats and argueing he paid us £1k wi
  8. Thanks for that, just one or two things that may be a problem, The only address i have for him is the one he lived in at the time of him taking the money which his wife and kids still live in and he visits on a daily basis, would i send it there? As the money went into the household can she allso be held responsible for what is owed ( thinking because the house is in her name but if they have now split up surley he has a right to some part of the marital home)? most likely not. If we were to win what would the end result be, would a collection agency collect the
  9. Go for it, doesn't matter if it's £200 or £2000 it's your money. I claimed £5500 of them and won and i'm just about to start another claim for charges raised since they settled.
  10. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The main reason i persue it and refuse to forget about it as my friends and family would like me to is that my husband is a grafter and he works so hard for the little money we have, we saved for 7 years to get that money together for and extension and the builder spent it on impressing his drinking buddies in his local, if he genuinly made a mistake and lost the money through no fault of his own then fair enough but he even told his brikkies on the first day they started working for us he was onto a nice little earner here and
  11. Thanks, i did find info on the n245 form on the gov website, but it didn't say if i could still apply for it or how much, Thanks for your help.
  12. do you think it is worth it, even if we win whats the chances of seeing any money, although we are struggling to get anything from him at the mo we are the only ones as far as we know that he is paying back. My logic is if we annoy him enough he'll want to pay us just to get us of his back, we constantly phone him and his wife and drop by at his wifes house most weeks and argue with her even if she has visitors, she then gets on the phone to him and gives him greif, but it's a strain on us aswell and we usually end up arguing between ouselves! Has anyone else
  13. He can't find the original papers, the only ones i have now are the judgment for claimant (in default) which states, To the Defendant You have not repied to the claim form, It is therfore ordered that you pay the claimant £5,730 90 for debt (and interest to date of judgment) and £320.00 costs
  14. Thanks. As far as the builder is concerned he did give us a written contract (if you can call it that) on how he was going to pay us back, he shoud be paying £500 per month but it comes in dribs and drabs along with a sob story of how hard his life is, since december we've had £600 of him! when we took out further loans to put the roof back on the house after he had taken it off it was on the understanding that we would be able to pay them of with the £500 we would get from him. we didn't do anything leagaly because we didn't think there was anything we could do, p
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