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  1. I unfortunately signed up with this company back in 2013. On signing up I felt that I was bull rushed into signing the paperwork and when asking questions the male who came out was really obtuse. At the time I had been made redundant and felt I had no choice. No body explained to me about the charging order put on my property either. Last year I phoned and asked how much to settle the account as I am selling the property. The person on the phone laughed stating I had another four years. I asked for a copy of the contract as I was not
  2. Hi tillytiger I to am in a mess with loads of these companies. Im a working single mum of two. I took out the first loan then another etc just like you did. My income then dropped and i cannot pay. It is horrible and I can relate to that constant sick feeling in the pit of ur stomach. I havent read all the posts, so sorry if im repeating myself. This is what the cccs advised. Cancel all cards if possible change ur account. They will try all sorts of tactics to scare you............dont let them. You are within your rights to tell them to remove all ur phone numbers from their record
  3. ps so sorry for all the errors in my last post but my head was working faster than my fingers.
  4. Hi there, Im amazed at how many people this has happened to. I had my account cleared by a pay day loan company so this is what I did. I explained to my bank that it was an unauthorized transacton which is was (i had also contacted them saying my income had dropped so I needed to pay a smaller amount for a while). Natwest said I needed to contact the visa charge back people which they gave me a number for. I contacted them. I had to fill in two decleration forms plus I put a covering letter explaining why it wa not authorized. Two days the visa charge back dept refunded my account. As a si
  5. PS, I had told cg that I needed to make reduced payments. Plus I had been paying just interest for months. They then just helped themselves to as much as they could, when they realised I had little money. No doubt trying to line their pockets asap. So if the bank says they are genuine PLEASE emphasise that you did not authorise the amount they took. It may take a while. Talk to different people at the bank and get the phone number for the visa charge back team. One person I spoke to had not heard of visa Charge back as I believe its not widely known about. Anyway all the best.
  6. Hi, I have just read ur posts and felt I needed to respond so have just singned up. Cash Genie also cleared my account and left me with no money for the rest of the month.I was distraught as I already struggle due to a drop in income. Iam also a single parent with two children.So I phoned CG who were horrible and really did not give a dam. In fact the attitude was oh well tuff [email protected]?t. Very unpleasent. I did not authorize them to do this.so I contacted my bank. My bank said I could contact the Visa Charge Back team and they could help. So I did, I had to fill in a form plus I put a covering l
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