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  1. hi, today i received a letter offering me a settlement 7 days after my a/q was sent in for the full amount. cheers, Dave
  2. hi, lloyds entered there defence on the 18/10 i take it i get my q/a through the post can any one tell me what there normal defence is cheers, dave
  3. hi. i have submitted my money claim on line 3 weeks ago and since then i have received more charges, can anyone tell me do i add this to the schedule of charges when i send my Q+A back to the courts, as this will change the amount that was issued under the summons, and then do i have to pay for the additional paper work. cheers, Dave
  4. michael, when i get the questionare what other information should i be sending back to the courts with the questionare is it copys of up to date charges can you shed any light on it as i notice i only have 14 days to reply when i receive it. cheers, Dave
  5. Hi, today i received from northampton court a acknoledgment of service has been filed against my claim, lloys have another 14 days to enter a defence after that does anyone know how much i will have to pay when i have to return my allocation questionare.
  6. hi, yesterday i filled my money claim on line claim no 6QZ64511, looking on the claim it says the defendant has 14 days to respond is this true as i thought they had 28 days, can anyone clarify. cheers, dave e
  7. hi, im about to start my money claim, can anyone tell me when i fill in the online form, i want to claim the 8% back do i include this in the full amount of the claim or is it added by the court after the form is submitted. any help please. Dave E
  8. hi, the address is Customer Care Lloyds TSB, 125 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B33SF.
  9. hi, The address is Customer Care, Lloyds TSB 125 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B33SF
  10. Today i received a letter from lloyds a standard letter saying i will not get my money back and this is there final response, i sent of my lba today. As they say its there final response do i wait for the 14 days or do i start my money claim, any advice
  11. its 14 days after sending my prelim letter, lba letter set to go on the 16/08/06 after saying they would look into the complaint i have had no responce from lloyds.not even saying no your not getting your money back
  12. gallen they took there time i got a standard letter from them after 3 days saying they will look into it and respond before the 2 weeks, thats up on the 16 when i will be send my second letter, after that the fun starts speak to you soon buddy. dave e ps that it the address that i have been using
  13. hi, received a reply today 05/08/06 from Andrew Palmer the letter went as follows. I am just writing to let you know that we've received your complaint and to say how sorry i am to learn that you're unhappy with us. you have my assurance that one of our assistant managers will investigate the concerns you have raised with us this may take a little time but i would expect our enquiries to be complete within the two weeks. We will then be able to respond in full to your complaint and at that stage, i hope, resolve matters between us. In case you haven;t received a copy of our leaflet
  14. markmaria, hi there, once you have sent your D.P.A letter off to Lloyds after a week or so contact the copy statement unit on 08453004431, to see if the information you have applied for is being compiled in accordance with the act. I sent my lba letter of on 02/08/06 so i am about 4 weeks infront of you all i can say to you is use the site and look through everything
  15. gallen, just for the rest of the site if you need to contact lloyds re your statements phone this number it goes to the copy statement unit 0845 3004431 cheers Dave e
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