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  1. Hi, just got a copy of my credit file from experian which shows my trust deed. It states the start date and then it states satisfied next to this exactly 3 years after the start date. This is the date that I should have finished the trust deed. However, I have missed a few payments so I haven't completed the trust deed yet. Does anyone know what this means and what should it show on my file once the TD is finished. Thanks
  2. Hi there. I have been given notice to vacate property at the end of june and I am intending to not pay last months rent to ensure we get our deposit back-£800. I don't like the idea of doing this but I have reason to believe the landlord is struggling financially-debt collectors at door, letter from insolvency prac- and cannot afford to lose this. It is a private let for a fixed term of 12 months which ended in february since when we have been on a month to month(verbal agreement). If I do withold last months rent what action can the landlord take. I am in scotland.
  3. Hi there. In 2008 I went through the process of setting up a trust deed which became protected. However, I decided against the trust deed and never made any contributions. Last week I got a copy of my credit file and the trust deed was listed dated 2008. What is confusing me is that below the date it says discharged 2005. Does anyone know why this would be the case? And what does it say on file if you have completed the trust deed? On another note I was recently contacted by a dca regarding a debt from 2003 offering a settlement of £500 for a £5000 debt. This debt is not shown on my fi
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