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  1. Hi I have a motorbility car which i first recieved in march 2008. In sept 2008 another car ploughed into the driver's side of my car and it had to be towed to the garage for repairs....Insurance was notified after the accident and i had to pay the excess £75 for repairs to be done......in feb 2009 when the roads were covered in thick ice and snow, i pulled into a parking space between a concrete post and another car and the car skidded on the ice putting my car in such a position that i got wegded on the post...I couldnt reserve or drive forward straight as this would have meant hitting the adjacent car so i tried edging forward slowly and backwards to get out of dilemma but the post ended up scratching and denting almost the whole passenger side...The damage is all cosmetic and dosent affect the performance of the car itself. I again notified the insurance who told me it was put down as wear and tear....My question being : if I take the car back in march 2011 when im due to exchange it will i be charged for the damage or can i get it repaired through the insurance before handing back and how much would i be charged for it.....or can i take it back as it is, beings as the insurance was informed and the garage where i got the car know about the damage as it was noted when its been for its services.... ty in advance debi
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