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  1. Hi, my contract with 3 comes to an end on 22 October 2011. I have contacted 3 on a few occasions to clarify this. Today I contacted them again and they told me that in order to end my contract which comes to an end naturally I have to give them 30 days notice that I am going to end the end of the contract!!! Steam is coming out of my ears sorree. They have never mentioned this to me when I have spoken to them before, nor have they advised me that the end of the contract is near etc. Anyways as I am already 'late' with this 30 days thing what will happen if I cancel now? Will they tr
  2. Hi again, I hadn't realised that the link I provided has been edited out. So I have asked for help and once I know what I can provide to you as evidence for my statements I will give you all the details. Lv lite n har money
  3. Hi Mikey Did you go to the site I mentioned? The changes occurred on 1st April 2010. In my scenario I will lose the IS top up - £2.50 in my case - after earning £20, but everything else will remain in place in full, i.e. benefits I receive now of IB, HB and Community Tax, is not affected. But an overall gain of £91 and a gain of self esteem is a good exchange in my view.
  4. Hi, and thanks to everyone who posted a reply. After a lot of hard work and considerable digging, I have found the answer to my question and confirmation of what I had understood from various sites. The problem was that none of it was clearly stating my understanding. However, I now have the answer to my own dilemma. It is a very complex situation so I do not want to raise anyone else's hopes without first checking their personal circs. But it is now possible to work for less than 16 hours per week, earn up to £93 (net) and still keep the money earned (less any income tax if relevant)
  5. Hi, wonder if anyone can help? I receive Incapacity Benefit, with a small top-up of Income Support. I would like to see if I could do some work. I have read in some places that from 1st April 2010 it is possible to earn £93 net, doing permitted work for less than 16 hours and still receive full Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefits. However, I cannot find this information on the Direct Gov site. I have found the information on the Workways site, local government sites for Southampton and Newcastle and a Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefits Circular. But it has taken some di
  6. Hi, Thanks for the information in the last but one thread, as I have received a text and 2 letters from these people addressed to Owner/Occupier. I have a debt with my utility supplier and am paying them as per our agreement. However, since this agreement was put in place, I still get letters from debt collection agencies (7 different companies so far). I write to them and explain the situation. I get no reply from them, but then another company writes to me roughly 4-6 months later! So it looks as though each company knowing that the debt has been managed, just sells it on to another
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