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  1. thanks so much, just what I wanted to hear.
  2. Hello, hope someone can offer some advice please. I have a debt with Natwest, it was a business overdraft that on Natwests insistence was turned into a loan. The loan was defaulted about 10 years ago and ever-since, have paid a reduced amount. I recently asked for a copy of the credit agreement. Natwest have written back saying they are unable to locate the document, but will continue to search. But they also state that their record of setting up the loan has insufficient detail for them to recreate the agreement. Natwest have now instructed Moorcroft Debt Recovery to deal with the account. Today received a letter from Moorcroft saying they will be in touch to discuss repayment options. Should I have any discussions with them, my partner feels we should make them an offer. Any advice would be very welcome Thanks J
  3. Hello Early last month I sent a SAR request (used excellent template letter for this site) plus ten pound fee, to Bank of Scotland regarding a credit card we have had since 1991. Today received just a copy of the signed application, with hope this meets your requirements on the attached compliment slip, am I right in thinking that we should have received much more? Do you think this is just an error on their part, or does it have a greater meaning? Sorry if I’m being a dense, hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks…
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