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  1. It wont let me drag the documents to attach them. Will keep trying
  2. Have done DSAR so I have details of payments/phone calls but no underwriting sheet as requested
  3. Original agreeement signed 27 Jan. Further copy to sign sent out for postage 17 Feb and dated 28 Feb
  4. Apologies, I was mainly trying to find out if they are allowed to post an agreement. This has been a bit if a battle in court so far with I feel the court not really listening properly. How can there be arrears on the account in the amount they say with what has laready been reapid. The other problem is they have evaded court questions and are evading questions and are getting away with it so I am trying to find another angle to take it back to court myself
  5. It was a loan for £6000 with broker fees and admin fees taking the amount to £6850. Had the funds, fell into arrears, company has suspended repo against, currently paying "50 per month and have so far repaid nearly £9000 yet they claim I still owe £3336.54 in arrears and £4053 in additional fees and interest. I have more than repaid what I borrowed and want them off my back as they seem to make the figures up as they go along and I will forever be repaying as the continue to add to the debt
  6. It has already been signed and it did differ slightly than the original agreement but this has only come to light 4 years later. We raised the question in court as to why the agreement the creditor produced differed from the original copy we have and they said it was because they had to send out another agreement to be signed as the 1st agreement had been signed and dated before expiry of the 8 day letter (I think this may be the cooling off period) not too sure
  7. I was sent a second copy of an agreement in the post to sign as the original copy that I had signed in the presence of the broker at my home address, had apparently been signed and dated before the 8th day. Are agreements allowed to be sent out in the post for signature considering it is classed as a second charge against my property as I would assume that this agreement would have to be explained to me before signing?
  8. I do not know where to start with this but this has been an ongoing battle with GE Money. It started in Dec 2009 when they were awarded a suspended possession order against my property and I was to pay the current monthly installment which was £198.59 plus £50 towards the arrears. The order was made with only my ex partner in attendance who was jointly named on the secured loan, however my mortgage only names myself. The order was listed for a review hearing 3 months later which I attended and I then tried to raise issues against the order. The judge in attendance said I could submit a defence as the hearing was only listed for a 5 minute review and didn't have the time to hear my arguments and listed it for a further review. At the next review in Jun 10 there was a new judge who had no knowledge of the case and listed it for a further review with the same Judge and to be heard in Nov 09. November hearing came and the Judge who was listed to hear it was off sick so yet another Judge who didn't know the case asked GE for further information and it was listed for review again with this Judge in March 11. At this hearing, despite being advised in the first instance that I could submit a defence, the Judge basically said that as Judgement had already bee made in the Dec 09 hearing, I would have to take it back to court for her to hear my arguments. She also said that any legal costs after the March hearing are to be assessed by her upon application by either party. GE have now sent me paperwork taking it back to court for the claimants legal costs. There covering letter to me says they have attached a copy of the cliemts application along with their schedule of costs - this seems to have been missed, no surprise there. What is the best course of action for me. Am I better to have the original judgement set aside or try and argue again in court on this application. On a loan Of £6850 including costs, I have actually repaid so far £8163.51. The capital balance left owing is £988.18 however they say I still owe £3586.54 in arrears and £4053.36 in additional fees and interest. I need help or I will never be out of debt with these loan sharks. I just dont know what the best course of action is now or should I just seek legal advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Thank you for your response. It is reassuring to know you are not the only one. Can anyone help either of this with this issue?
  10. I was taken to court 18 months ago and a suspended possession order was granted. This has been an ongoing issue that I have against GE Money and the Judge at my last hearing recommended I bring it back to court so that she can deal with some of the issues that have been raised since the judgement was made. The problem is that judgement has been made so I assume that I would have to apply to have this judgement set aside. Before I do that I was wondering if anyone can clarify a couple of things for me. If there are two defendants named in the claim but only one of them is inattendance at the hearing, can judgement be made? The second question is in regard to second charge mortgages. The first charge is in my name only howevere I took out a secured loan with my partner which since attending court I find that it is classed as a second charge mortgage. How can my partner be named on a loan secured/mortgage against a property that is not in her name. Also, we have recently separated so how would that work out in terms of responsibility towards the loan? Any help/advice is appeciated.
  11. I took a secured loan against my property in my name and my partners name as she was living at the property. I did not realise that this was classed as a mortgage. My original mortgage is in my name only so can a company have a second charge mortgage in both our names when we are not both named on the original mortgage? Any help is greatly appreciated, regards
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