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  1. Yes I agree with you there, however I was just curious first regarding what's recorded on his credit file. Yes he can still be taken to court by bank. He will need as much information as possible. If a debt has been sold on.etc He will need to respond to a claim and ask for extra time to prepare his defence. The more times a debt has been sold on the less chance they have of success regardiing a claim against you
  2. Hi Under circumstances it's a pity you paid anything as would be statute barred by now. Accounts are state barred from the last date any payment was made and recorded on your credit file. They have pulled a fast one, under their own rules, by consolidating all outstanding amounts into one. What is on your credit file ? Does it say Consolidated Loan or what ? Or has it cleared now from your report. If it's not showing up on your credit file.......then that's it your are home and dry. Consolidated debt is not factually correct or even accurate in your circumstances. If you held a bank account with them, and you owe money to that account, then they do have the legal right to take money from another account you hold with them, that is in credit. It's called 'Off Setting' All banks can do this. Just check the information on your credit file, before you do anything else. Anna
  3. Hi just wonder if the letter received from RBS concerning my residency for tax purposes is genuine. Forms to fill out and wondering why they have sent it . Thanks
  4. Hi Hopster, My claim started with Ratio back in Feb 2009, then passed to Emmetts and now Mc Kay Law. The assessment of my application /agreement with MBNA has exposed breaches and I was informed that the agreement is unenforceable. So therefore I need to confirm that I am willing to go to court on a no win no fee basis. I am supposedly only liable for court costs. However I am insecure about the whole thing. Mc Kay Law want 295 pounds for that. I have heard that is is better to be a defendant than the Claimant in these cases. My credit card was taken out around 2001. It was passed from MBNA to Experto Credite to Credit Management Services. I was contacted so many times with phone calls that I changed my number. I now still get letters chasing the debt.
  5. Just wondering also. I had dealings with ratio money, passed on to Emmets and now Mc Kay Law. who want money off me for court fees in order to take MBNA to court on my behalf. I am not sure what to do really. This no win no fee deal has strings attached that could be costly
  6. That is certainly one way around the problem. Banks are known to use dirty tricks and are not as high on intergrity as most people would like to believe as I and other have found to our costs
  7. hi, its not wise to sign the request because banks have been known to lift and copy signatures.They may not have your signature elsewhere in their files
  8. Hi The Mould, You are a fantastic human being to help me out like this and so late too. I cant thank you enough. So sorry you lost you additions and the time you must have spent doing them. So gratefull to you . best regards Annabella7
  9. Hi The Mould I am so sorry its so close together, but allowing for the rough draft that is the bones of it I am suffering brain damage now . will check late going for coffee ,Best Regards Annabella7
  10. Amended to Defence to Amended POC . I am the Defendant in this action and make the following statement as my Defence to the Claim made by HSBC Bank Plc . I spent many months preparing a Defence and corresponding with the Claimant and in the light of my Defence the Claimant decided to amend their Claim. . The First Amendment made by the Claimant has materially altered the Claim. The initial Claim from NCCBC was dated 24/03/10 and I quote for 'the balance outstanding under a Bank Account Facility the Claimant agreed to maintain for the Defendant. It was a term of the 'Bank Account ' that any debit balance would be payable by the Defendant in full on Demand. I believe that the Claimant was forced to amend a Claim that was unlawfully drafted in the first place and i believe that the Claimant was mischievious in doing so. . Attempting to use the 'Set off Rule' to replace debt with more debt is contrary to their own Terms and Conditions and Banking Law. Transfering debt to an empty savings account that they themselves created. . It needs to be noted that I was not party to this Contract and both parties must consent to enter the new contract. Silence does not amount to acceptance. Idid not have any knowledge of this account or the terms thereof, two parties to a contract, then two parties must consent to the (same) Administration purposes or not. This is not the behaviour one would expect from a Bank following normal banking practice and procedures . This is highly irregular practice of transfering a sum from a complex account that is a regulated agreement to a bank account in order to falsely create a collectable debt. . this is an infringement on the guidelines laid down by OFT. . I have challanged the Bank for information on this Account. . The Amended Court Claim received was dated 03.02.11 .Almost a year later . . The recently Amended Court Claim states now that money is owed under a Credit Card. . It would appear that the Claimant elected to terminate a Credit Card Account covered and regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 in order to avoid their legal obligations and deprive someone of their rights under the same Act . The Claimant terminated unilaterally and without the necessary s87 rights that would allow them to do so. . I would also challange the Claimant as to why a Default was registered as a consolidated Debt on my credit file for all the world to see. . COonsolidation loans/ debts would be a variation of a pre-existing contracts, both parties must consent to enter the new contract proposed. , Under Data Protection rules if the Data relating to you is inaccurate or a misrepresentation of the facts and there were no grounds to make such entries. . The Defendant further claims that the Claimant is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 . The Claimant is a Data Controller and the Defendant is a Data subject and the data is personal as defined in the s1 of the Act . The Claimant did not have lawful entitlement to do so.The Claimant has continued to process by updating this and is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 and i have been made to suffer as a result of the banks breach. . The accout was in Dispute. . The l;ist of inaccuracies,omissions discrepancies and amendments are not what one would expect from a big organisation with the resources to get paperwork and legal documents correct. . Imade my first CPR 31.14 Request to the Claimant for Disclousure on the 10.04. 2010 . The Claimant did not comply with my request sent by special delivery. Neither did they request additional time in order to comply or communicate with me for over 3 months. . Finally a correspondence arrived dated the 20th july 2010 producing only partial and totally inadquate documentation contrary to my CPR Request,. .I wrote again to the Claimant on th e03.08.10 to remind thm that the full extent of myCPR 31.14 Request had not been fortcoming . I received another communication from the Claimant dated 23.08.10 stating that if I required extra I should write to their office in Leeds. A further communication from the Claimant dated the 06.09.10 stating that all my requests had been complied with in their correspondence of the 20/07/10 . However this is untrue and it has denied me the oppertunity o file a proper Defence.I am missing documents that are legally required to provide me but havnt, .The Account was also in Dispute at the time . A Default Notice was served dated 24th June 09 . Served under 'Unknown number' . Incorrect Start Date. . Short on days with insufficient time to rectify . On the 10.12.2010 almost 18 months later DN was Re-Done using figures from the reference book notes Default amount. . The fiction of the second DN and the Enduring Obligation . The service of any second DN at a time when the contract is terminated owing to the wording of the DN in its perscribed form would perpertrate the fiction that the contract endured. The same can be said owing the provisions ogf section 89 of the ACT. . I respectfully ask the court to take note of the Claimants pre-action conduct in regards to this Calim
  11. Hi The Mould, I hope you can be patient with me today I had major computer foul up so had to start from scratch. this ia rough draft and unfortunately I will have to type out here. Thanks again so much for your patience.I still have tomorrow and part of monday to finish. Kindest regards Annabella7
  12. Evening The Mould, Again!! thank you so much for the reply, and the infomation is appreciated. I am spending all available time working on tmy Defence. It is certainly not my area of expertise, and I am nervous on strange ground. However I am sticking to my guns in the belief that it is the right thing to do under the circumstances. One small question........how long between putting in final Defence and going to Court .......Aprox ? Thanks Annabella7 Regards
  13. Good afternoon The Mould, Thanks again for the info. You are a brilliant help. All my communications are now coming from DG. Passed from MCSL from First Direct/Hsbc. I do not think that I received a copy letter of Deed of Assigment . i will have another look through bundle.. My Defence is going to be centered around the created bank account. The amendments have materially altered the Claim. The first Claim as you know was for money owed under a bank account and dated 24th of march 2010. I believe that they have amended a Claim that was unlawfully drafted in the first place. Attempting the Set of Rule to replace debt with more debt is contary to their own Terms and Conditions and Banking Law. Transfering debt to an empty account that they created. I will remind the Court that I wrote numerous letters to DG requesting an explanation and evidence of this bank acc and gave them ample time to respond However it took them 9 months to come up with an explanation. A credit card debt was closed down and passes to a savings acc, and they were now going to amend the Court Claim to a credit card debt. 9 months later. Now if that in itself is not an abuse of the legal system. The other part to my Defence is the incorrect adverse Data registered with CRA A CC debt that had no previous history recorded on the Credit file suddenly appears as a Consolidated Debt .No record of any previous activity. They did as you know send me a DN at the time.: 'with unknown acc no,' wrong start date,' and short on days ' would that be considered miniscule and as you mentioned earlier re; 2nd DN . Whats your guess ? Would the 2nd DN need to be perfect even it its created over a year later.and this can be proved.. both DNs request the return of the cards. This is surely termination as is closing the account and transfering debt balance to a created savings account. Finally I want to mention that the account was in Dispute. My biggest difficulty is structuring my Defence, while trying to be as articulate and concise as possible. I really appreciate the legal points you mentioned earlier. I will certainly be using them in my Defence. Re your reference to application forms I would prefer not to base my Defence too much on enforceability but more on the banks unreasonable behaviour Sorry this is so long winded, but Defence needs to be posted Monday to arrive Tues deadline. Thank you so much again . You are an amazing help . Best wishes Annabella7
  14. Hi The Mould, Great insight !! thank you so much for getting back to me and for the enlightlement on the subject matter. I will get stuck in now and have good read up The created account was refered to in a sort of incidental way / brushed over just for admin ...and still exists as a reference no to a savings account connected with this Debt... However and this is the main reason I have dug my heels in with DG. Circumstances change overnight and I was experiencing a rough patch, however I was never out to wrong anyone or to decieve. In any case DG have caused me Damage I could not apply for credit as a result of the adverse Data processed. They demanded payment and at the same time take the leggs from under you! Where is the justice!! Why couldnt they register 2 late payments ect ? The information recorded was inaccurate and they keep the files and inaccurate information up dated !! So although the CC agreements and DNs are flawed which may or may not stand up in court. I was not informed or party to the created Bank Savings Currant Account and I was not informed or party to A Consolidation Debt Registeration !! Could You explain Deed of Assigment and its purpose ? The subject is mentioned alot on thie forum. Again I am so greatfull for the time and effort your have taken to help out. Appreciated !! Best wishes Annabella7
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