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  1. Now I'm completely confused and have absolutely no idea what I've agreed to with the ombudsman now. The FOS adjudicator has looked into my request for clarification due to Minicredit wanting to settle at a lower figure and has said I am emailing in response to your email below. The business requested further clarification of the ombudsman’s final decision which I have now responded. The business has explained that it has not received a payment towards the fee amount of £635 so was not able to refund this to you. I have explained that this amount should be removed from your outstanding balance. Therefore, unless the business has any further questions I have requested the business to complete the settlement as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any further concerns. So am I supposed to get a refund of £635 plus the interest or not??? Can't decide who's worse the FOS or Minicredit now!
  2. Exactly what I thought anyway it's gone straight back to the FOS
  3. Ok so I seriously think that Ms Martinson is now playing stupid games here. She's emailed me but her figures don't seem to tie up with what the ombudsman says. The FOS states the following: My Final Decision My decision is that I uphold this complaint and I order Microcredit Limited (trading as MiniCredit.co.uk) to refund to XXX the interest applied to XXX account from 23 April 2012 to 27 June 2012 and also the sum of £635 Ms Martinson has emailed today and said I am writing to you regarding the Final decision made by the FOS. Microcredit Ltd should refund £507.64 according to the Ombudsman's view. Calculation shows that you had to pay the balance £582.60 that consisted of the following: 1. Principal £220 2. Interest 84* £2.2=£182.60 (1% of the principal per day for period 31/01/2012 - 23/04/2012) 3. Overdue charges £25 4. Overdue charges £55 5. Overdue charge £100 You paid £1090.24 to Opos so you should have a refund of £507.64 (£1090.24 minus £582.60) I've emailed back to say that I disagree with her assessment and have referred it back to the ombudsman as their final assessment differs (see above) She's now emailed me to say £635 were the failed debit attempt fees added to the balance after the due date (127 times £5) The total balance was £1362.80 but you paid £1090.24 and therefore as you did not pay for all the debit attempt fees of £635 I am not able to refund something you have not paid for. The FOS assessed all the charges and interest that were added to the balance £1362.80 and considered that £635 along with the interest added after 23/04/2012 were not supposed to be payable by you. Surely if the FOS say pay £635 plus the interest that's what they are supposed to pay???
  4. Success!!!! I've just had notification from the ombudsman that they've reached their final decision. They've upheld my complaint and agreed with the adjudicator that Minicredit did not treat me fairly or responded to my financial difficulties positively or sympathetically and therefore it is fair and reasonable for Minicredit to refund the interest applied to my account and £635 of charges. So I will be accepting this decision. Wonder if Kristel Martinson still has a job!
  5. Sorry my mistake they do have a minded to revoke. Which on the one hand is fantastic and I hope that this bunch of jokers go out of business but on the other is a nightmare for me as the ombudsman has my complaint and are progressing so if their licence does get revoked and my complaint is upheld does that mean it's very unlikely that I'm going to get the refund that is quite clearly due?
  6. It's been going for nearly 12 months now so I'm quite happy to sit back and wait for the ombudsman to make a decision. I don't think that Minicredit have a "minded to revoke" I thought it was Microlend Ltd which is a different company.
  7. My latest from the adjudicator is that she's upheld my complaint. She upheld this first in November 2013 which Mini Credit disagreed with, then reassessed and again upheld which she's actually added more monetary charges against minimuppets. Again they have disagreed so after the 11th April it's going to be assessed again by an ombudsman. I'm hoping that I'll eventually get this all sorted and finally be able to get some cash back from them. Well fingers crossed anyway.
  8. If there's a minded to revoke I'm now concerned if the ombudsman decides in my favour they will just shut up shop and refuse to refund which could be 12 months of fighting for absolutely nothing
  9. Latest from the FOS is that although the assessor has upheld my complaint minicredit disagrees with this decision so its now been escalated to the ombudsman for further assessment. God only knows when I'll see a resolution to this.
  10. Next question is what about those that already have complaints into the FOS, seems that the FOS are currently ignoring requests for updates
  11. Ok then so I've told the adjudicator to stick the offer (well in a nice way at least).
  12. Its the FOS who have now mediated and this is the first offer received from MiniCredit which surprisingly was MiniCredits original offer as a "gesture of goodwill". What the FOS are saying is I have until 30th December to either accept this offer or decline it, if I decline I have to give my reasons for declining. To be honest I'm getting to the point of saying stuff it accept the £183 and be done with it.
  13. Ok so I've had a response from the FOS as so.. what your complaint is about My understanding of your complaint is that you are unhappy with the amount of interest and charges Microcredit has applied to your account. You have explained that these charges were applied whilst you were facing financial difficulties. You also feel the amount of charges applied to be excessive and incorrect. Microcredit’s offer Following our involvement, Microcredit has told us that it is prepared to refund you 50% of the direct debit attempt fees, which totals £177. Microcredit is also willing to refund additional interest it has explained that you have paid which amounts to £6.24. You now need to consider this offer. When doing so, you may wish to bear in mind that the information provided does not indicate that you made Microcredit aware of your financial situation. Further to this, the terms of the agreement do indicate that Microcredit will attempt to collect payment three times per day. what to do next and the timescales for responding If you accept the offer, please sign the enclosed settlement form and return it to me. On the other hand, if you do not feel able to accept the offer, please let me know why, so that I can consider any further points. In our leaflet, your complaint and the ombudsman, we explain about your right to ask the ombudsman to review your complaint – as the final stage in our process. But I hope that now an offer has been made by the business, you will not feel the need to take your complaint further. I'm still not happy about this offer of £183.24 but is there any point in declining the offer?
  14. Had a response from the FOS Dear XXXX I am emailing to provide you with an update on your complaint. I have received all the requested information from Microcredit and completed my review of your complaint. I have issued my assessment to Microcredit and am waiting for its response. I will update you on my next steps once I have received a response. Yours sincerely I might get a decision soon then!
  15. How this drags on. I've now had a letter from the FOS stating they are investigating and that Minicredit have 12 weeks to respond! How long does this have to go on for???
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