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  1. Hi Jemms, I'm really sorry to hear of the situation that you have described. This is clearly not the level of service you are entitled to expect, and I'm sorry that our Service Centre were unable to resolve the issue. I see that were going to contact the office of our Chief Executive - has the issue been resolved yet? If not please send me a PM with the account details and I'll investigate this issue. Kind Regards, RC
  2. Hi James, I'm sorry that the response you have received has not resolved any of the issues raised. Without reviewing your account details I can't specifically comment on your case but if you can send a PM with details of the address that the Default relates to I can forward this onto the appropriate department for further investigation. Kind Regards, RC
  3. Hi Louise, Can you please confirm if you have had a repsonse to your email or if you wish for any further assisitance or investigation on this matter , Regards Martin
  4. Hi can you email details to social@scottishpower.com & we'll have a look. Regards Gerry
  5. Hi, I'm sorry to hear this , can you email full address details to me on social@scottishpower.com and mark my name and CAG in the header & I'll escalate? Regards Gerry
  6. Hi, I am sorry but I can't see the email, can you resend & mark CAG & my name in the header please? Gerry
  7. Hi Summer 30, can you email as much detail as you have to social@scottishpower.com & we will investigate. Regards Gerry
  8. Hi Newdad, can you email account/address details to social@scottishpower.com & mark CAG in the header & we'll pick it up as soon as we can. Regards Gerry
  9. Hi, can you email full details to social@scottishpower.com & I will log a formal complaint. Regards Gerry
  10. reeksy86 can you please e-mail us at social@scottishpower.com marked urgent and referencing this thread and we will help you. Thanks David
  11. Tenant87, now managed to locate your original e-mail from the information in your original post, so you don't need to resend. I will take a look for you and reply ASAP by e-mail. David
  12. Hi Tenant87 really sorry about that. Can you please resend to social@scottishpower.com referencing your CAG ID and this thread and I will check what has happened? Thanks David
  13. sytra have you had an e-mail back from us about this yet? it should be fairly straightforward to resolve. Agreed T & Cs are based on the payment method when you take the tariff, so if you agree Direct Debit at the beginning, then cancel it, we will take you off the tariff. If you pay by Debit card from the beginning, that's different. I'm happy to pick up your e-mail. David
  14. Hi sytra If you would like us to check this for you, e-mail us at social@scottishpower.com Thanks David
  15. Flex The Bill you have posted 1004 was cancelled and replaced. I will send you an e-mail to explain. I hope that will help. David
  16. Hi, can you email social@scottishpower.com with full address & we will look into the matter? Regards Gerry
  17. Hi tenant87 If you e-mail us at social@scottishpower.com we can check it for you. Thanks David
  18. Steve Just to let you know that I have sent you an e-mail in relation to this matter. David
  19. Hi lovejoy If you would like us to provide information on this, please contact us at social@scottishpower.com Thanks David
  20. Hi Elaine Can you confirm this has now been resolved? If not can you please e-mail details to social@scottishpower.com and we will assist? Thanks David
  21. Hi, can you email me at Social@scottishpower.com & I'll investigate ? Regards Gerry
  22. Hi there. So sorry to hear this. Please e-mail us at social@scottishpower.com Thanks David
  23. Hi if you e-mail details to us at social@scottishpower.com we can look into it for you Thanks David
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