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  1. Hi there, I bought a car in October 2008...My 1st payment was made on the 2nd November 2008 and the HP agreement was for 60 months. I have missed the last 3 payments (will be 4 at the end of this month)...I asked them if there was anything they could do to help me as I am struggling, and they said that my options were: 1 - refinance over another 5 years and it would bring my payments to £119 per month rather than £167.00 - so that means if I go for this option I would have had finance for this car for 7.5 years and paid god knows how much in interest. 2 - or give it back and
  2. Hi there....I received a letter from Barclays today...I am not sure what to make of it really but they are not paying up!! Here is what is said In our previous letter we promised to keep you updated on the progress of our investigation. Having reviewed your complaint we can confirm that weare unable to provide a final response to your complaint at the moment and would like to explain why this is so and the implications for you and your client. (not sure what client they are on about - we made the claim ourselves). ssessd, (not sure what that means - but this is exactly how
  3. Still nothing from Barclays....yesterday they did eventually give my solicitor the redemption figure for the loan (a week after completion on the sale of my house!!) - I spoke to 2 different solicitors at the firm of solicitors and both gave me different redemption figures!! So I rang Barclays today to find out if it was something to do the PPI claim - they said no, it was still being investigated and the higher of the figures given to me by the 2 solicitors was correct...gutted!!! But now at least the solicitor will release the money left over from the sale of our house to us. How much l
  4. Thank you so much for working ths out for me...it is great help. I will let you know their response. We have since completed on the sale of our house...but the secured loan has not been settled as they would not give my solicitor a redemption figure! So he solicitor is holding our funds from the sale! Nightmare continues. Thank you again.
  5. Hello....I now have that info - the loan was taken out on the 10/05/07 and the 1st payment was taken on the 11/06/07 Thank you soooo much
  6. Thank you FS....did you look at the agreement I attached? Is it any help at all? Or am I just to wait for the copy statements to arrive before I can do any proper calculations? No response as yet...only the delay letters!!! Such a waiting game!
  7. At last I have found the loan agreement....it was in my loft! I have attched it but I wasn't quite sure how to, so I hope it has worked Thank you loan agrrement.pdf
  8. Hi DJ I done the claim before I came on this forum....the only amount that I had for the claim was that the insurance element of the loan was £14,000. I have never received statements, so the only way of knowing how much I have paid, charges etc.. was to do a SAR. Thank you
  9. OK, thanks, 8th April will be around the 8 week mark. On my email notification of your reply it says that you ask 'What's is semi self employed anyway? surely you are or not.' but it doesn't appear on here...in answer to your question - it means that I had a part time job whilst being self employed - whilst I was trying to build up my business, I still needed to earn money so had a part time job too....I don't think that is so uncommon! Thanks
  10. And I am still waiting for the SAR....I had no statements (they said it was a loan taken out before is was regulated to send out annual statements) so I needed to do this - I didn't send this straight away as I was trying to find agreement etc....so they still have time to send me this. Thank you
  11. UPDATE! Barclays told me that they would get back to me by the 11th March....yesterday I received a letter saying that they need to fully complete their investigation "we remain committed to resolving your complaint as quickly as we can and will contact you again by the 8th April 2011!" Can they do this?? My next worry is that we complete on the sale of our house on the 30th March...therefore the solicitor will have paid the amount they say is outstanding! Will this make it harder for me to get the money back once the loan has been settled? Also, this maybe a stupid question, but should
  12. Thank you to you both for the advice. I will dig out the agreement and put it on here. I will send the SAR on Monday along with a letter confirming what was discussed on the phone today. Apologies in advance for the amount of help and questions I will no doubt be asking in the coming weeks! Many thanks x
  13. Hi I have been told to post a thread on here following my previous thread on the Barclays forum....to cut a long story short, we have a secured laon, we are selling our house so that we can get rid of all our debts! We were totally shocked yesterday when the solicitor gave us the settlement figure that Barclays had produced....12k over what we originally borrowed and we have been paying it for 4 years now. It transpires that I have PPI for this loan, we borrowed 60k, £14, 400 was added for PPI making it £74,400.....I feel so stupid for not questioning this at the time, but I just tho
  14. Hi Slick Thanks again. With regards to the statements - she said that as the loan was taken out in 2007, statements didn't have to be sent out, the act changed in 2008, so loans taken out after this were sent. Is this right???
  15. UPDATE! I have just spoke to Barclays, the loan is for 25 years, which I guess would explain the settlement figure, however £14,400 was added to the 60k loan for PPI, bringing it to £74,400! I told the lady on the phone that I was missold this insurance and she has logged a complaint! (I have a reference number for the complaint) I told her that I was not made aware of it not being compulsory, and also that I was definitely not told that I could get the insurance elsewhere, and that at the time I was part-time employed and part self employed....now I am fully self employed I wouldn't b
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