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  1. post 38 is what the SAR says copied word for word, last 4 entries, they are saying that the evidence i have supplied proves they brought the account in july 2000, but i can't see anything to back that up??? I have sent an e-mail back saying, we will let the courts decide, i am not paying anymore money into an account that we are never going to be able to clear, as whatever we pay they always ad more on in interest. I can't get my head around what they are saying.
  2. had an e-mail response to the questions we've raised, we did make payments in 2003/04 in our old bank account, they said they have had the account on their system since August 2000 (in accordance with the SAR when they brought the debt on July 3 2000). They have sent payment history showing the increase, we are liable to pay still now, hey but we can set up a new payment plan !!!!!! and they will now pursue the balance of nearly £15,000!!!! but all is not lost.... ...we can take advantage of the loyalty scheme called aktiv kapita plus .........
  3. sorry have just realised what you are saying, I can see that now (did I mention I was blonde), those 10 payments of £100 logged on Aktiv Kapita's statement was made before they 'brought' the debt??? So if those payments were made, wouldn't they be on the SAR??? ie on my account information. Their 'statement' start date is 01/09/00, yet matching the dates up SAR = 18/05/2004 charge off adjustment £5525.50 Aktiv Kapita = 19/05/2004 £8134.24 there is a £3000 difference What is my next step???
  4. the payments that were made in 2003 appear in their 'statement' there is 10 £100 payments, made by direct debit?
  5. sorry, Notice of Assignment, never received anything, looking through the paperwork they have sent, we would never have paid this debt off, for every payment we made they were charging more in interest, in some months they have added 3 lots of interest and the last interest they added was £3000. Where can i go from here??
  6. sorry i don't understand, what is a noa??
  7. RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM AKTIV KAPITA, whats my next step, do they have us by the goolies ?? Thank you for your e-mail and attachments received by this office on 5th March Having reviewed the details it appears you have misinterpreted the paperwork. The account was not written off as an insurance loss as you state, it was sold to Aktiv Kapita. As the account was sold MBNA closed the account and this is demonstrated in the paperwork that you supplied. With regard to your claim that the account was statue barred in 2007, I can not agree with your claim as payments w
  8. thanks yes had wrote i wanted the interest in the letter, i went through my old bank statements and worked it out with the interest they owe us £1700, was just a bit worried about the entry 19/5/2004 - zero curbl on sold acct - £5525.20 would they not argue that they brought it in good faith?? could i also add in the paperwork that when they originally contacted us it was already statue barred??
  9. have received a letter from aktiv kapita in responce to my letter, asking me to provide the information that i have been sent from MBNA, should i send them a copy or not??
  10. received the SAR today, the last payment we made on the account was 11/11/1999, then upto june 2000 there is a regular amount going out each month (think it might have been a magazine subscription) there is also over limit fee £15, cash interest fee, retail interest fee and late charges going on each month upto june 2000. the last entries are 03/07/2000 - adjustment to balance -£5525.20 18/05/2004 - charge off adjustment -£5525.20 18/05/2004 - charge off adjustment -£5525.20 19/05/2004 - zero curbl on sold acct - £5525.20 There is no PPi on account
  11. i'm looking at it now and i'm guessing they have just printed it off as the address on the credit agreement is our address now and we have only just changed our address !!!
  12. this is the CCA request, the t&c is 5 pages, and 7 pages of credit card agreement, it doesn't appear tpo have any changes or anything, don't know if thats from when we took the card out or from now
  13. received from Aktiv Katpital yesterday, a copy of the original application form for the credit card, it is date stamped as being received by them 8 july 1998 and then pages upon pages of their terms and conditions!!!!
  14. i still have no account number, and i'm rubbish on the phone, they have cashed the £10 though so does that mean they have some information on us??
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