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  1. Thanks dx100uk. I understand that, but my mortgage advisor said that having it marked as settled/satisfied will mean that I will still be able to get a mortgage (albeit a slightly worse rate). I'm just trying to figure out how best to approach them to agree a lesser amount to close it off
  2. Cheers nottslad. I take it settled is 'worse' for my credit report than satisfied. I just don't know what the best route is. I refuse the pay the whole amount for something I don't even acknowledge was my debt. I agree - 6 years ago is a very long time in terms of finances.
  3. Do you think it's possible to get them to accept a lesser amount so I can just get it written off and settled? Does that happen at all I wonder?
  4. Thanks Nottslad, I've just requested this to see what is on there. The strange thing is the collection company which is mentioned in the letters appears to have gone, so I'm not even sure who my 'debt' would be held with in I wanted to pay it off and get it marked as settled.
  5. I did inform them, however I don't have any proof of that fact beyond the fact that my letting agent at the time required forwarding address for all utilities and council tax to enable return of deposit (as most do) so I wouldn't have even been able to get away with it.
  6. Okay well I moved out of the property in Feb 2011. The notice copies they sent me were dated 20/05/2011 and 30/06/2011. I didn't know anything about the bill and never received the notices. Is there anything I can possibly do to rectify this as it's preventing me form buying a house. Thanks
  7. Hi dx100uk Yeah it was an old bill, which I had no recollection of even having. The default was issued months after I'd left the property and I never received the letters of notice. What I'm trying to ascertain is, is there any way I can get them to remove this default? Thanks James
  8. Thanks Dodgeball - so even if the copies of the defaults which I never received, aren't signed and true copies and the fact that they spelt my name wrongly on them doesn't mean I have force them to remove the default?
  9. Hi all I was recently in the process of buying a house. Had a mortgage preapproved, offer accepted then it went through to the underwriter of the mortgage who rejected it on the basis of a default which I had no idea was there. After a lot of sweating and calls it turned out Scottish Power had issued a default against me back in 2011 which I didn't know about, as it never showed up on my Credit Expert account as it was for a date after I'd vacated a property. Suffice to say I lost the mortgage and the house. I decided to fight the default notice as my repo
  10. Hi trying to deal with getting a default removed . I sent a letter to Scottish Power after weeks of corresponding they sent me a template letter, unsigned with the incorrect spelling of my name on. I am then able to request the default to be removed? If so, is there a template letter which I can send back to them to get them to make it so? Thanks all - this is a great forum btw! James
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