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  1. To be honest, our relationship with the landlord hasnt been the best recently. No direct confrontations or falling out but he has been reluctant to do certain things to the property which I feel were not unreasonable (and the letting agent has also recommended certain work be carried out) so feel the time to move has come. We have emailed each other in the past so if he wanted us to stay on i would have thought he would have approached me if he wanted us to stay on Also, with 2 kids, need a bit of stability (well - what rented accomodation can give!)
  2. Thats great mate, really appreciate the advice.Consider your star clicked!
  3. Thanks again I do have the option of hand delivering the letter and getting the receipt (landlord lives abroad, i deal with letting agent) Is it just a case of drafting a letter along the lines of "I hereby give you 1 months notice that I intend to vacate the property on the 25th March 2014"? One final question (sorry!), does this apply if I decide to move out on the 25th April (day before the section 21 kicks in) if I give a months notice on the say, 22nd March? Thinking it through a bit more, I may go for the above option, but still move back to the inlaws say mid april and spend a few weeks making sure all is clean before they inspect
  4. Hi thanks for the response Yep, deposit was taken and I have the paperwork to say it was protected Havent got the section 21 with me at the moment unfortunately but it says words to the effect of I intend to regain possession of the property on the 26th April As I mentioned, no way I can move out by the 25th Feb (unfortunately) so i'll probably be at the property most of March. If nothing comes up, I do have the option of moving back to my parents I dont intend to stay past the April deadline. In fact, i'm now thinking of leaving on the 25th March (rent is due on the 26th March) Presume that means I dont have to find rent for March 26th? ta!
  5. Hi allSeeking a bit of advice.We were serviced a section 21 1b the other day. Sort of expecting it but still annoying. However, i'm trying to get my head round it all. Our AST is up next Wednesday (26th) Originally the landlord suggested we go to a rolling month contract but for reasons only he knows he has served the Section 21 and 'changed his mind' as the letting agent put it We need to be out by the end of April.As I say, im a little confused.As I understand it, i dont have to give any notice from the day after my AST ends? Could I for example leave the property on the 27th February with no notice? Realistically, this isnt going to happen (i have 2 kids and a lot of stuff!!). We have seen a few properties already but say for example, i find somewhere mid march and can move into it. How does that leave rent for the property i currently live in? Will I be liable for rent up to the 26th March (and if I dont find somewhere before the 26th March I'm liable for another month until the 26th April?) Cheers in advance! Apologies if this is covered in a 'sticky' (!) but i couldnt see it
  6. Many thanks Batfink, appreciate the replythe 2 month notice thing is quite important. As I say, happy to accept a reasonable increase but as its a month by month, im hoping to keep any request for an increase down.thanks again
  7. by the way, sorry about the formatting of my post, not sure why its happening!
  8. Hi allSeeking a bit of advice. I've been renting the same place for the last 2 years.AST is up in the next 6-7 weeks and was a bit concerned we hadnt heard anything about what the Landlord wanted to do (we normally hear about this time)We were fully prepared to begin negotiating any increase but we have been thrown a curveball.We received a phone call last night to say the landlord wants to go to a rolling monthly contract at the end of the AST.This has thrown us slightly but the upshot is that if we dont agree, then he wants new tenants.The LA is puzzled why the LL wants to do this as well but thats what he wants. The plus side is that we dont have to sign a new contract and dont have to fork out the LA renewal fee.However, this of course has left me feeling a touch wary about the LL plan's. We had an inspection about a month ago and the LA has suggested that the LL make a lot of improvements to the property so maybe thats it?! LL is based abroad.Will say that the Landlord has authorised repairs as and when needed very quickly. We have had no issues with him.My initial view is to go with a rolling contract until the summer then ask for a 12 month contract again. I have a son so keen for a bit of security (well, as much as you can with renting!)Fully appreciate that its his house and if he wants to go month by month then that is up to him and he dont own us anything, but can anyone answer the following.(1) Am I right in that even if we are in a rolling month by month contract, he still has to give us 2 months notice (and us, give him one month)?(2) No mention of any increase in rent during the phone call but where does this leave any request for increases? We did have a budget for a 3 % increase. Could i be getting a phone call in say April to say he wants another £50 a month from May and (probably unlikely) but another call in August asking for another £50 from September?(3) Is a landlord obligations the same as it was under a rolling month by month contract as an AST?Many thanks in advance. We are always looking for something better property wise but of course, moving is a pain!
  9. Not got it in writing yet (due any day now) but i've been told over the phone that they are going to offer me half back (seems to be the standard) I'm considering my options
  10. Shawnkcarter - how is yours going?
  11. hi all, just seeking some views. I'm going to assume (dangerous i know ) that Barclays will offer me 1/2 back (or a little less). If they were to do so i might be tempted to ring them to negotiate 3/4's back and not go the whole way I'm thinking out loud to a certain extent but has anyone attempted this?
  12. Well, its getting VERY near the time for them to get their response to me. It looks like they are waiting until the very last minute.
  13. Cheers. Any idea how long it took them to reply to your request for a refund?
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