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  1. Thanks beyondhope. I will get a letter sent off them and see what happens! Thanks for your help guys and thank good these clowns (the evil typre) are no longer taking advantage of people!
  2. Thanks MP The more I think about of it the more it does seem dodgy. The credit agreement stated the first payment was due in August which went out as did every subsequent month. If they have done something fishy, what type of recourse do you think i would be entitled to? Thanks Again
  3. Thanks Dawn Interestingly, there never sent a letter, just rang to say I was in arrears (which I wasnt) and they had to up my monthly payment by £5 to cover it. Im going to check my records cos I have a feelking I have been conned. I know we dont like Welcome but would they really sttop this low and do something like this? If this is the case, then they are going to get a solicitors letter and a demand for comepensation. Anyone else experience anything similar?
  4. Really? I have never missed a payment with them, never had any commication except the yearly statement (which I lost!). Im getting worried now. Is read my original loan agreement last night and it clearly said 36 mnonthly payments of £105 with the first payment due in Aug 07. Therefore I should finish paying it off in July but im now concerned as to why they upped it mid way through? Any ideas? Thank you for your help so far
  5. Thanks MP I do have my agreement somewhere and once the loan is paid off I will question them about it. Its abit strange cosa they said the repayments were for 105 per month, then about a year and a half later they rang to say it was incorrect and it should be 110 per month. To be honest and this probably sounds wimpish, i just accepted it cos they scare me and I hear they tend to call round to peoples
  6. Hi all I took out a Welcome Finance loan in July 2007 for 3 years. I am soon to finish paying it off. I just want to know if anyone knows what happens when its over - 1) my loan period was 36 months -does that mean my last payment is in June or July of this year? 2) Do thy write to you to say its now cleared? Any help and advice would be great. I took out the loan at a time when i really needed it and couldnt obtain a loan form a high street bank. I have never missed a payment and have never had much dealings with them once the loan was sent through - except once when they rang to say t
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