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  1. Thankyou for your reply, I was out today being driven around by my boss and then he dropped it into conversation that his boss had asked him to ask me to ensure that my written resignation was received promptly. I had to bite my tongue and say sorry but I had no intention of resigning!!!
  2. Hello Everyone, I would be extremly grateful for any advice and knowledge anyone can share with me on the situation I am in!! Right, several years ago I started suffering from Epilepsy and after about 6 years of seizures I had an operation which seemed to put a stop to seizures in my life. I gained my driving licence back January 2009 and life was back to normal, During April 2009 I started working as a Sales Rep for a large national company. My job involves driving a van around everyday, going into calls, Selling the company pruducts and then ensuring our products our displaye
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