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  1. Apparently if the account is dormant they can close it but I don’t know for how long it can be dormant before they have a right to close it. maybe 6 years?
  2. Hi Dov, It’s a bit of a funny end to be honest:!:. I kept going in and showing all the letters that I would get back to the manager in the end the manager gave me a refund and closed the account so i left it at that!
  3. Thanks martin, Il get a brief decryption of all the letters up tomorrow as I have so much to do right now and thanks for flagging it up for me.
  4. Hi Martin, Do you mean post a brief outline of the letters on this actual thread ? Also our there any law firms you would recommend around London that I could use?
  5. To be honest, I am now 72 years old, I put the founds in the account years ago and chose to leave them for such time that I would need the money, I didn’t think that the bank would close my account without contacting me or lose my account details. I have also sent them numerate letters and filled out numerate forms, I have no less than 15 letters in front of me. I have also gone through the Financial ombudsman services but they also think that Barclays has followed the right procedure and claim that I should not uphold my complaint even though I did not draw my founds or close the account
  6. Hi I had about £1307 in the account, I originally went into a Barclay’s branch to try and draw the funds but they said they could not locate the account and gave me a lost account form to fill out. They then wrote back and said that they carried out a thorough search of all available records including founds held in respect of dormant accounts and had been unable to locate my account using the information I supplied. Which was copies of deposit slips and a statement of account, they all said that they can only conclude that the account was closed in the normal way of withdrawal between 198
  7. Hi I opened a deposit account back in the 1980 with Barclays Bank and did not try to touch it ever since but now they claim to have no record of my account. Can someone give me some advice, could I take them to court? Do I have a case? They side that they could only conclude that I withdrew my funds and closed my accounts longer than 6 years ago and that they have no record of my account. What can I do I don’t want to lose my money:(
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