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  1. I changed it because I didn't know what mix was in there, I do it with all cars when I get a secondhand car. I even car the only if it doesn't look fresh, as you never know how long it has been in there. I did phone the dealer to start, but have sent him an email on Monday and posted the letter recorded delivery on Tuesday. He hasn't replied to the email so I'm assuming he won;t reply to my letter.
  2. Thanks Sam, the seller has refused to do anything to repair the car. When I spoke to him, blamed me for changing the water then tried to blame it on something the previous own had done, that is why i'm looking at rejecting the car now.
  3. Thanks for the reply, a £500 xantia will go on for years if maintained, my last one did and had 180000 on the clock before the heater matrix gave up. If your saying deseils are less like to do a head gasket and it as already on its way out when i purchased the car, doesn't that put the dealer more at fault?
  4. Hi, I purchased a second hand Citroen Xantia TD at the end off July, its had done 113000 miles on a N plate with a huge service history. I took a mate with me to look at the car and it drove ok (country lanes under 50mph), the engine sounded good and the car was clean and general in good condition. Knowing the xantia's like the coolant change every 2 years and the current coolant looked dirty I decided t change it ready for the winter. I ensured all the bleed nipples was checked whilst filling the system again (have changed other xantia's before). Whilst checking the water level ever
  5. I've had a letter back from Lloyds TSB about the PPI and they are rejecting all off my claim, however they have said one loan had the insurance canceled when it was passed to collections and refunded £18.04 I can't see this refund on my loan statements and why didn't they cancel the other one as well? The loan went to collections 10 months after it was taken out the the PPI was almost £1300.00, seems like they wanna play hard so passing yet another complaint to the FOS next week.
  6. Well I sent off a CCA to the collections dept to see if they held a copy, they sent me a letter off terms for the CC and nothing for the Loan accounts. I wrote to them putting the CC in dispute due to them failing to send the documents as requested and making this a formal complaint, Lloyds have since written back saying I have no complaint as they complied and issed a default notice on the same day? I stopped paying when they defaulted on the CCA request, as I've already SAR'd they and they didn't provide the CCA for the CC is it now worth filling a N1 as I've reported them to the
  7. Thanks, i'm being told the same by some one else, thats not too bad as it seems both CC i have are not enforcable so just the Loans to pay off and i'm trying to claim the PPI back
  8. Hope this are better http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc00003d6e.jpg http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc000071ee.jpg http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc0000a843.jpg
  9. So I can put this account into default until they provide me with the correct CCA? I'm hoping someone can find something wrong with these too
  10. Hi, try these http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc0000a843.jpg http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc000071ee.jpg http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l287/jrscdelsol/Debt/sc00003d6e.jpg Thanks
  11. I can;t remember the reason now why they did. I was told about cancelling the Loan but not the PPI, hence why i'm only just claiming it now
  12. Hi Can someone confirm if any of the attached CCA are enforceable or not? I've been making reduced payments with huge amounts off interest and trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel
  13. I have tried and they wouldn't pay out on it, said I couldn't claim. I've been making reduced payments, about 25% off the agreement amount. Not sure on the exact dates on the PPI, i believe the 28th Dec 05 and 28th Jan 06. I've never tried to cancel the PPI as i wasn't aware I was able to after the loan had been taken out. Both Loans are over 84 months I've attached copies off the agreements it that helps, with the personal details removed. Thanks for your help
  14. 2 seperate loans, 1st one was a single fee of £3338.52 (57.76 a month), 2nd one was £1291.93 (24.22 a month) The loans are still both running with arrears as I've been making reduced payments on them both
  15. There are 2 loans, one 11/05 and the other 12/05
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