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  1. Thanks to All I told the dca I would only deal direct with 3 or if they wish they could take direct to court pp to the The Office of Fair Trading and ofcom the dca have now gone back under there stone thanks again to all Dave Will let you know is they come up from under the stone AGAIN:x
  2. Thanks people I will have a dig at three now as you advise Dave
  3. Hi All I had a phone on 3 with a 18 month contract the company service was bad after 13 months the phone had packed up and I had got another with a differant provider, as I use it for work it has to be reliable.I phoned 3 twice to cancil the contract each time got through to customer service told them i wished to cancil at the end of the contract they could not do this and had to talk to options, we will put you through after1 hour of canned muzac I hanged up so sent e-mail. to cancil. At the end date stopped the direct debit and throught that would be it. Oh no the first bill arrives pho
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