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  1. This JCP advisor probably as you states needs a little IT training, unprofessional yes, wanting them to be disciplined or sacked a little excessive dont you think? if this has caused you distress fair enough, but i think we are all guilty of making mistakes in our professional lives. this does need bringing up with her but surely that can be done by you emailing her and making her aware of the error. as already noted she needs to use the bcc function.
  2. For me personally i will fight for the right for everybody to strike, we live in a democracy.....whether i agree with their reasons is irrelevant....and if u are due to sign on on strike day you will be excused from signing in the same way you would be if your day fell on a Bank Holiday.
  3. haha its as rubbish as me spelling....lol ill get something organised this weekend cheers for everything TB
  4. Cheers Brig, have done this but apparentley they do not deal in emails..... only expensive calls and letters. Nice way to help people contact them isn't it! TB
  5. doea anyone have an email address whereby i could contact them as i have no printer for letters etc and cannot use work facilities for this either. Im not prepared to phone them EVER. thanks TB
  6. Hi, thank for the advice. I am well aware that this site is not about debt avoidance, if you have read my earlier post in this thread all the information you have given me was put into place until the Halifax started stating that they would not take the money offered on my payment plan and set the DCA dogs upon me. I went about everything in the correct manner - contacted the CAB staright away once i lost my job etc etc and they decided that this was not good enough and completely and utterly undermined all my efforts of repayment. My question was how to go about contacting them and the best approach to take. Many thanks TB
  7. Morning folks, its been a while but I've got an update........... received a letter this morning from our friends at Blair, Oliver and Scott enclosing what appears to be a CCA (reconsituted version) this comprises of the original and up to date T&C. This doc has my signature on it and is dated. I cannot scan or post this letter and the T&C's here as my dig camera is broken and my lappy will not allow me to upload the pic - i realise this will be an issue for advisory purposes but to my untrained eye the copy is a good one and it certainly is my signature. their letter states that if i make no contact within 14days they will have no choice but to instuct a DCA. The problem really is that although I have no issue paying this money back, my financial circumstances have not changed and i am a little wary of making contact and offering repyt in case they refuse my offer as i then will have acknowledged the debt. I do own my own property and am worried they will go for a CCG or a Charging Order... I have worked hard to keep this roof over my head as my mortgage is miles cheaper than renting would ever be... Any suggestions for my next action.... as always massive thanks in advance. TB
  8. Hi this as the post title suggests is not a CSA enquiry............ Sorry if this is the wrong forum and would be grateful if and of the Mods could move to the relevant one as I didn't know which one to post on.....thanks in advance... My partner has a contact order in place for contact with his daughter, his ex partner is breaching this order by not allowing his daughter the appropriate visits as the order stipulates and using all types of various excuses. At the moment we are only seeing his daughter once every month for one overnight visit instead of twice a month and she has also stated that she is not coming for the agreed week in the school holidays This order came into place after Dec 2008 and therefore does contain "the warning notice" which means that we can apply for an enforcement order, the problem is we dont know how to go about this and also how much this would cost and whether we need a solicitor to do this..... My partner pays full maintenance allowance and this therefore leaves us in a situation whereby money is tight and although there will never, ever be an issue with paying this maintenance this is the tool in which the ex partner knows it would be impossible to pay a solicitor. Myself and my partner are very upset at his ex partner's behaviour and he is scared that his daughter will eventually forget who he is due to the lack of regular contact, he is not allowed to make any telephone contact whatsoever. This has already happened with the ex partners old children with her ex partner - he eventually gave up as he could not afford to keep pursuing the manner - whether that is right or wrong it was his situation. Does anyone have any advice or could anyone help us with this matter, I have tried to research this on the internet to no avail..... As always many thanks in advance.. TB
  9. Hi Jack, yes he is still liable for payments as the children are under 16. Not sure whether he is on 1 or 2, what is the difference and excuse my ignorance but what it deo? I thought they had to refund this as who is to say he won't lose his job and therefore they would have received more than legally entitled ie if he was on benefits? His money is taken direclt as source from his wage and it has been overpaid since Nov 10. Each time we ring they say it will stop and his payments will be corrected - but this clearly is not happened....any advise??? Thanks TB
  10. Can anyone help, my partner has overpayed the CSA by over £600. On speaking to the CSA today I was informed that a refund will not be given only an offset on future payments.....can anyone tell me if this is correct or post a link to the relevant Regulation/leglisations. Or has this happened to anyone else? As always thanks in advance to you benefit bods out there..... TB
  11. No I'm sure that some work for Robbers Way, Igor, Westcot and Blair Oliver Scott............all who are in my loop - yippee...aren't I lucky! I feel so popular...........lol
  12. Well once I send the letter there will be "No Playing on the Grass" and they can b****r off with their ball................. thanks as always BB a click of the old reputation is on it way........
  13. Received my long awaited letter from Westcot tonight - oh the joys - will be sending the in dispute letter on Monday. Gets a bit repetetive this doesn't it............. have a great weekend folks TB
  14. Morning folks, Just a quick update, I've had a couple of calls from Wescot over the last couple of days......all in writing please etc etc Got home last night to find a statement from Halifax - ths is the first one I've had in months........why all of a sudden would they send me a statment? Is this because Robinson Way have returned the account back to Halifax? I'm a bit confused by all this and would be grateful if anyone can offer any ideas...... thanks as always TB
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