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  1. You have been so helpful. It would appear that the new LHA rate is exactly the same as the old one so that is really good news. Yes i have a partner but if we submit a new claim we will have to re apply for direct payment to our LL (he only accepted us on this condition) and as we had to jump through hoops for this i doubt it would be accepted again. If we only have to manage until April i think we can just manage this. You have taken such a load off our mind, thank you
  2. So if this is the case we only have to get through to April not December. Although i realise the new LHA rate may be lower than the current one.
  3. Thank you so much for your advice. Submitting a new claim is a really good idea and i'd not thought of it before. i don't think i could do it because at present the LA pay the LL directly which he had to reduce the rent to secure this, as he won't be able to do this again, its a no go. However when i contacted the LA i asked about the anniversary dates being abolished, I was told this wouldn't affect us as our renewal date wasn't until December and the the new renewals were only applying to those with an anniversary date between January and March. Which of course ours would have been had
  4. Sorry this is a long winded, but here goes. January 2012 we moved into our present home,which is a four bedroomed property. The landlord reduced the rent as he wanted to be paid HB directly to him. The rent was agreed at £825.00 pcm, LHA rate was £725.00 pcm, we pay a £100.00 pcm shortfall directly to him every month. The advertised rent for the property was £1100 so he reduced it by £275.00. He did say when we had been here 12 months the rent would go back up to the £1100.00. We weren't concerned about this because by then we were entitled to the four bedroomed LHA rate as our son re
  5. hi, wondered if someone can help with this question. we have lived in our privatly rented property now for six years. its let through a letting agent. I have become over the last few years severly disabled, so much so that my partner has now had to leave his job to look after me full time. we have just been awarded IS and told today, CA, i already claim SDA, and DLA HRC & HRM. We have a visit from our letting agent tomorrow, just the usual, to check everything is ok. I want to broach the subject of HB with him, is there anyway he can kick us out because we are going to need to claim HB.
  6. many thanks, no we didn't claim wtc as it it only now that my children can live with us fulltime as he is going to be home, another good reason. thanks again
  7. Hi this is my first post so i hope i'm asking in the right place. I have posed a similar question on another site but all the answers i got were why my partner should stay at work and not look after me!!! so be gentle : ) My partner has recently given up work to look after me full time, a friend already claims CA for looking after me so we have told the carers allowence people that there has been a change of carer and my partner has submitted a carers allowence claim form. I also get SDA & DLA. Thats all fine and i have no problem with any of that. We will have to claim IS, now
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