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  1. I got exactly the same thing today !
  2. The account has already defaulted back in March 2007. It was then passed to "1st Credit", and when they couldn't produce a CCA, it eventually ended up back in Barclays lap. I can't remember how I originally applied for it. It could well have been either online or by post, I can't remember. It was 4 or 5 years ago now. It was the confusing legal jargon which prompted this thread.
  3. Hi all ! I today received a response from Barclaycard services concerning a CCA request i made some time ago. What exactly is it that they're supposed to send to me ? All i got was the attached letter and a copy of "Terms and Conditions". I don't know if this is the "T & C" from when i took the credit card out or a newer version. Are Barclaycard right to send this or are they trying to pull a fast one ? I was expecting something with my signature etc on... Has anyone any advice for me please ? img015.pdf img016.pdf
  4. Hiya all ! Does anyone know if "1st Credit Ltd" and "Frist Credit Management Ltd" are part of the same company ??? Thanks !
  5. I am under English law. I'll send that off in the morning and see what happens ! Thanks for all ya help !
  6. no, i didn't have a CCJ, and it was at least 7 years, more like 8 years.
  7. Hiya, can anyone help me please ? I'm new to this site. I was contacted by a DCA recently about a credit card debt that defaulted in around 2001, and as i didn't know about this site then, i started to repay the debt after it had become "Statute Barred". Do i need to continue repaying the debt ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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