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  1. Hi guys Sorry for not getting back to you for so long, I have been away for work. DonkeyB - really cant remember much about the original account if indeed it is mine, but what i do remember is that i have never had a dn sent from the original creditor (GE Woodchester). Thhings have also moved a bit further forward as I had sent a letter asking them to only contact me in writing and today I received a phone call whilst in the office. This has concerned me quite a bit as now the office receptionist knows I am being chased by a DCA and she is quite a gossip. This could actual
  2. right will have to dig out a printer and get them a prove it letter sent as advised earlier
  3. Fair enough but 2 yrs 9 months after they were supposedly assigned they decide to tell me? Seems a bit strange especially after the original letter
  4. not had chance to do anything so far due to work commitments, however this morning I received a letter from asset LINK capital As i dont have a scanner i have typed up the salient information We, Asset Link Capital (No1) limited ("ALC"), hereby give you notice or intimation that effective from 22 February 2007 GE Capital Bank Limited (t/a GE Woodchester) assigned to us the benefit of the debt that you owe them under an agreement with the reference number set out above ("your debt"). We have appointed LINK Financial Outsourcing Limited ("Link Financial") to administer and recover you
  5. Just had them on the phone trying to get more information from me, I told them to contact me via writing. The strange thing is I am ex directory and my number is blocked from being shown when I do make calls. Will be drafting the 'prove it' letter this morning and also passing the original letter to TS and OFT
  6. thanks SilverFox Will look into this and perhaps send them the required letter
  7. Hi all long time since I last came here and glad to see everything is still as it was I have today received a letter from Link Financial, see below for text as i dont have a scanner Dear Mr XXXXXXXX An application for credit (bank loan, credit card etc) occured in the name of : APPLICANTS NAME : MR XXXXXX This application was at an address different from your own however that address is currently linked to your own home address We ask that you contact our offies to discuss this on 02920 808610 Yours Sincerely Robert Barker Stupi
  8. Hi All Just thought I would pop on and share some news I have been receiving calls from this shower for the last 2 weeks, and it took me a week to find out who they were acting for (Virgin). I have just been speaking with Virgin regarding the supposed amount I owed and will agree I did owe some monies although not the amount being asked for by SRJ. The manager at Virgin has now raised an internasl complaint with regard to the way SRJ conducted themselves and also advised me to repoort them to OFT, CSA and TS. I also spoke with SRJ and told them the account was now settled an
  9. Luckily I was able to do this today and it has given me such a good feeling :):):) Background first - Moved into new property after breakdown of relationship, was under doctor and had to leave job - got into debt and hid head in sand recently taken to court for non payment of Council tax, and judgement awarded against me, managed to scrape the money together and pay the amount owed (17th July) received receipt 19th July bailiff letter received on 7th Aug, rang bailiff explained the debt had been paid and was in possesion of a receipt, they demanded immediate payment. forwa
  10. This might help Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons solicitors Recoveries and Finance articles: a claim form -v- a statutory demand
  11. Just been advised by the National Debt Helpline, they are only live for 4 months from the date of issue, they then have to send a further SD if they wish to take it further
  12. Just gotten off the phone with the National Debt Helpline, as they have all my details from when I applied for a IVA they are aware of the amounts I have incoming and available outgoing. I advised them I had received the SD and have been advised to wait and see what they do next - reply to the CCA I sent, go for my bankruptcy or both or nothing. So under their advice I am now waiting the decision of Connaught and the man who cant be bothered to sign his own name
  13. Thanks for the advice, I have managed to get a picture taken off the SD (personals edited out) please see attached. The debt they are chasing is a Credit Card but for the lowest amount Wuth regard to the CA should be due back on Wednesday this week, will let you know if it is correct
  14. HI All Long time since I was last active on the board, and that was for trying to claim bank charges back. I now find myself in a bit of a tight situation as the title says I have just received a statutory demand from Connaught. TBH I dont know whether I should fight this or just let them get on with it and go bankrupt. Let me give some brief history - About 8 years ago I was self employed but due to companies not paying me I was forced to close the business and move away for work, although I did find work meeting the monthly payments to my creditors proved difiicult and more t
  15. Just spoken with the Litigation people at Barclays, they are not bothered about the confidentiality clause that was mentioned and will settle in full on receipt of a fax stating I accept their offer. The bloke on the phone sounded really overworked..... So now we have another win to shout about
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