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  1. i would like to ask if clc is such a good product why they wont buy it back . That would be better than putting people in serious financial difficulty and stress so toprobroy why dont you take that back to the bigwigs at clc and stop making excuses for the way they rip people off the fees are such that if you can afford them you cannot afford a holiday because you have spent all your money on the fees . And using ge money what a doozy 3 times the fee well they are good if anyone is thinking of buying they need help NOW . Its a serious money down the drain job and what are the fees going to be
  2. i have sent a letter asking them to buy back my points and a bit more am going to contact the timeshare group everyone is talking about as well .I feel we have been dragged into something we have no control over and its cost us a lot of money and we have nothing to show for it . What have you done ??????
  3. Hi Majika we have just missed the fees for this year we had agreed some payment terms and i missed the first payment after reading how many others were really fed up and feel conned by clc .less than 3 days and we got a letter from ashfords are they the real deal or are they affilited to clc???
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