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  1. My friend says she is pretty sure there was. The main bugbear being that the agency has now left her with less than 6 days notice to try and find somewhere to live.
  2. Hi there, A friend of mine has signed contracts to move into a new home on 1st Nov, her agency has just contacted her today to say that one of the references has come back unsatisfactory but due to data protection they cannot tell her why... She is now facing being made homeless next week, with 2 kids and her partner. The council won't help as she is not being evicted but has handed in her notice, and she cannot stay in her current home as someone else is moving in. All contracts for the new tenancy agreement have been signed, and they have paid the deposit and first month's ren
  3. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? I own a house on a new development, with the whole estate paying an estate management company for service fees. They have now stated that we are in arrears of £303 and that they've instructed a solicitor to collect the monies from us- they've added on £198 and £120 in 'admin fees' and then fees for contacting the solicitors, taking the total we have to pay in 14 days up to £888!! The fees are for financial year 01/07/2013-30/06/2014. They don't seem to actually 'maintain' anything, even the landscaping is done by the developers still.
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if someone can give me clarity on a couple of points. I am buying a house with my partner, and I have been living in a flat since 9th March 2007. My initial fixed term ended on 8th Sept 2007 and since then it has been a periodic tenancy with calendar monthly payments. I rang my letting agency today and they said I had to give two months notice. From what I've read, this is incorrect and I should only need to give one month as I am on a periodic tenancy. My landlord says that in my original agreement, it says that when it changed to a periodic tenancy, I would still nee
  5. He didn't turn up at 4, in fact he didn't turn up at all! Getting letter printed today to send off to Equita and the council (don't have a printer at home, going to borrow the one from work) I don't think I have any other circumstances of interest.
  6. Ok, so he's coming back at 4pm. I've told him he isn't coming in and that I will be requesting a breakdown of the fees added from Equita. He said we'll discuss things when he gets here but he must take full payment today. What do I say to him when he gets here? I have no intention of letting him in or signing anything but how do I make him leave?
  7. I work 30 hours a week but I get Working Tax and Child Tax credit. I don't own a car, and I live in a flat with no garden. The bailiff managed to get into the building as our door entry system allows service entry before 12pm. I am a bit worried about contacting the council as they recently sent me another court summons for a further £446.00 which I am assuming has now also been passed to bailiffs. Feels like I'm at the bottom of a big pit and can't get out of it! I'm so ashamed it's got to this stage with two court summons and stuff, but I just don't know what to do.
  8. I had a bailiff knocking this morning for council tax, however I did not answer and he left a Bailiff Removal letter saying he would be back within 24 hours to seize goods if I do not pay the full amount. I called him on the mobile number and he says I owe him £446, however on my final demand, the amount is £256.50. I offered him £200 today and to pay the rest over the next 2 months, however he refused this and said I had to pay the full amount as it is the end of the financial year tomorrow so they need it all and that it was due in January. He said I had 24 hours to call round and to "use
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