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  1. Aye, im out of time with sherriff officers though, what with delays over xmas break.
  2. Havnt received a reply from councillor. Il give it till tomorrow lunch time. If i dont hear from him, then im guessing im just gonna have to pay scott&co the debt plus their charges?
  3. Just out from council tax office as it was closed here last week. Had a short chat with lady behind counter who told me in no uncertain terms, once debt has gone to sherriff officers then they cannot do anything about it, so i must deal with sherriff officers direct. Should i now be looking at sending in a Time to Pay order to court?
  4. Last time i had to take the time to pay directive to the court clerk to stop sequestration on my father's behalf. The council office wouldnt deal with us saying only that we would have to let the court actions go ahead. I think the debt on that occasion was around 15k. The debt on this occasion is only around the £400 mark. I believe it to be from the time i moved into my home till the time we got the council tax direct debit sorted out. Since then it has always been paid and outwith that we are up to date with it. Il go along to council tax office tomorrow
  5. Really? I guess there has been a change in legislation since i last used it. Right, so i go to council tax office directly now. I arrange a payment schedule with them. Which letter do you mean for me to take? The scott & co. one or the time to pay order? I doubt they would, but can they refuse to set up payment with myself direct? What happens with scott & co.? Thanks for your help dx
  6. Hi, i have received a hand delivered charge for payment of money from scott & co. sherriff officers. I have been instructed to pay within 14 days of the date of the letter. The arrears relate to the period between moving into my home and getting coulcil tax dd set up. I have no personal problem with paying the arrears, however, at this time i cannot stretch to payment in full within the time given. This period cripples me financially every year, like many other people. I have had a little search and read over an old post of mine on here about a simi
  7. Got it sorted. Mention of a policy running without proper checks resulted in a supervisor taking over and swiftly issuing appropriate paperwork.
  8. I wasnt aware of swinton being a broker, thank you for your input milehighron. The problem doesnt lie with any of the insurers not forwarding the ncd to the next, its that hastings wont accept swintons email as its apparently not the correct type. Il call swinton tomorrow to ask the question on that point. What i dont get is that with hastings saying that they cant validate the previous no claims, they are expecting me to believe that they let my cover run for a year without no claims verification. I cant for one minute believe that to be true, no insurance company would let that slide.
  9. Hi all. I have a bit of an odd problem with insurance company validating my no claims entitlement. Im wondering if anyone might have any ideas on the subject. My car is insured with Churchill, they are going to charge me £155 in 4 days as they have no proof of my 4 years no claims. I have 4 years no claims but my previous insurer, Hastings, say they have validated them but keep sending me the exact same document which says "you have 4 years no claims but we are unable to validate them with your previous insurer" My previous insurer before Hastings, swinton, have sent Hastings my pro
  10. hi, posting on behalf of a friend of mines. he is a lad of 17, 18 in march of next year i belive. he has had to move out of his parents house due to a strained relationship. he has started renting a room in a shared house. his rent is set at £90 per week inclusive of utility bills etc. when he first moved in to the place a few months ago he was in receipt of income support but that was cancelled and he was told to sign up to jobseekers allowance. he has been to the dwp and tried unsuccessfully to open a claim. the reason for this he was told was that his housing benefit wouldnt
  11. my appologies for delay in my reply. myself and girlfriend rent one room, another is rented by the son of my fathers friend. at present there is still one room vacant. altho someone is lookin to rent it in the near future. i had a meeting with someone from the council housing office recently, and she recomended that my father register as a landlord with the local council, would this be a step forward in our favour or open a new can of worms? she also mentioned about changing our tenancy agreement to a comercial agreement. can anyone shed some light on what that is or how it diff
  12. if you rent a room in a house owned, but, not lived in by a parent are you entitled to housing benefit?? in scotland, if that makes any difference.
  13. thanks for the info, il look into it.
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