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  1. Got it sorted. Mention of a policy running without proper checks resulted in a supervisor taking over and swiftly issuing appropriate paperwork.
  2. I wasnt aware of swinton being a broker, thank you for your input milehighron. The problem doesnt lie with any of the insurers not forwarding the ncd to the next, its that hastings wont accept swintons email as its apparently not the correct type. Il call swinton tomorrow to ask the question on that point. What i dont get is that with hastings saying that they cant validate the previous no claims, they are expecting me to believe that they let my cover run for a year without no claims verification. I cant for one minute believe that to be true, no insurance company would let that slide.
  3. Hi all. I have a bit of an odd problem with insurance company validating my no claims entitlement. Im wondering if anyone might have any ideas on the subject. My car is insured with Churchill, they are going to charge me £155 in 4 days as they have no proof of my 4 years no claims. I have 4 years no claims but my previous insurer, Hastings, say they have validated them but keep sending me the exact same document which says "you have 4 years no claims but we are unable to validate them with your previous insurer" My previous insurer before Hastings, swinton, have sent Hastings my proof of no claims document 3 times but hasting said its not a letterhead so they can't use it. Swinton say that's the only form of Letterhead they can send. Then a Hastings supervisor said she has validated my no claims but still only sends out the document which states they can't validate them through my last insurer. Churchill say they can't do anything and will put my no claims back down to zero. I don't know what else I can do. Thanks very much I hope that made sense!
  4. hi, posting on behalf of a friend of mines. he is a lad of 17, 18 in march of next year i belive. he has had to move out of his parents house due to a strained relationship. he has started renting a room in a shared house. his rent is set at £90 per week inclusive of utility bills etc. when he first moved in to the place a few months ago he was in receipt of income support but that was cancelled and he was told to sign up to jobseekers allowance. he has been to the dwp and tried unsuccessfully to open a claim. the reason for this he was told was that his housing benefit wouldnt match his rent and there was too much of a shortfall for him to reasonably make up with his jsa allowance. can anyone offer sone advice on this situation? he was advised to ask his landlord for a rent reduction, but is worried that he will be made homeless. thanks, rabhip
  5. my appologies for delay in my reply. myself and girlfriend rent one room, another is rented by the son of my fathers friend. at present there is still one room vacant. altho someone is lookin to rent it in the near future. i had a meeting with someone from the council housing office recently, and she recomended that my father register as a landlord with the local council, would this be a step forward in our favour or open a new can of worms? she also mentioned about changing our tenancy agreement to a comercial agreement. can anyone shed some light on what that is or how it differs from a regular short assured agreement? also, we recieved an invoice from council for the "overpayment" , at present we have not appealed, is there a cutoff point for appeal? person at housing said she would draw up an appeal letter for us, but, im wondering if it will be of any use if the cutoff point for appeal has passed hopefully with your help and the help of my insider at housing office i can get this laid to rest, whatever the outcome, very soon as my girl is really feeling the strain of it all and is growing unwell with it. thank you for any advice, rabhip
  6. if you rent a room in a house owned, but, not lived in by a parent are you entitled to housing benefit?? in scotland, if that makes any difference.
  7. thanks for the info, il look into it.
  8. 12&3 never been stated either way, said it was my dads house, never said wether he lived there or not. however, he lives and works in london, hasnt even been to visit here since 2008. 4 i realise that now, im a noob , had faith in what i was told. never do that again. 5&6 im sure they did, i however didnt and walked right into their little trap i thought the same thing about the moving out idea, thot id ask tho.
  9. 8 years ago i suffered what has recently been diagnosed as a scaphoid fracture. i fell from around 15 feet onto an outstreched hand in a skating incident. i went directly to a&e and the consultant had a play around with it and told me he didnt think it was broken, gave me ibuprofen and sent me away. when i asked about an xray he said it wasnt necesarry. i returned to a&e around a week later, and was told the same thing and if pain persisted i was to contact my local gp. which i did a few times over the next month or so. the pain subsided a bit, unless i strained it at all and i would/do get a jab of pain for a little while. i just got on with life with this "condition" until recently when i was at my gp for an unrelated matter and was asked if there was anything else she could do for me. i mentioned my wrist, which she took one look at and sent me directly to be xrayed, the result came through and the doc sheepishly told me i had a non union of my scaphoid bone in my wrist, then told me it was likely that because of the length of time and the fact the scaphoid has only one blood vessel entering it there is a high chance of avascular necrosis (dead bone) of the broken piece of bone. i was shocked to say the least. i have since been referred to a specialist for whom i am awaiting confirmation of an appointment. i have since started to read up on this injury and it looks like im heading for crippling arthritis quite soon. i have also found out that protocol for injury of an outstreched hand states quite clearly that, it should be assumed that the scaphoid bone is broken until it has been proven otherwise. i realise that this injury is old,but, it has just been found. is this a case of medical negligence? also, where do i stand for a negligence claim if it in fact is negligence on their part? any help or advice greatly appreciated regards, rabhip
  10. hi, sadly its time for me to beg the help of the cag once again. i need some advice regarding housing benefit. on november 2008, a friend of mine needed a place to stay and as a room was available at my dads house i talked him into letting her the room. her housing benefit claim started from jan 2009. she recieves esa and dla. around april 2009, myself and her got together, we went to the jobcentre and sorted out our benefits as a couple, resulting in myself leaving jsa and moving to carers allowance. i was told that our change in circumstance would be passed on to the councils housing department and we would recieve a letter regarding any changes on their part. and we carried on with our lives quite happily then a couple of months ago we had a home visit, and our claim was re-assessed. we then attended an interview with a housing officer, we were told that as long as we supplied a rent agreement for our rented room then our claim would carry on as before, even in light of the house being owned by my father, as, if we didnt pay rent we would be kicked out. we got the rent agreement and handed it in to the housing thinking everything would be fine, as we were assured by the housing officer it would be. a week later we recieved a letter stating that our housing benefit has been cancelled under regulation 9. then a few days after we recieved a letter stating that we owe them £3600 in overpayed housing benefit. im looking for advice as for what we should do now. im guessing the first step would be to appeal their decision? what if the appeal should fail? we really need to get this sorted as we will be homeless by the end of the month and i really dont want that to happen, not least as my partner suffers from a mental disorder and has taken a year to settle and feel safe here, i dont want her to suffer any setback to her recovery if i can avoid it. i have also thought about renting a room elsewhere so she could claim benefits to stay where we are at the moment, and i elsewhere. i realise we would have to adjust her dla/esa claim and my carers claim. would this be advisable? or ethical? any help at all would be greatly appreciated, as my partner is in pieces over the whole thing. regards, rabhip
  11. court returned a letter advising they cannot accept an instalment plan in regards to council tax arrears, stating that i should contact my local authority directly to see if i could set something up with them, took the letter along and they were much more helpful and we made an agreement with them, so, ALL SORTED!!!! Just shows what a court letter can do eh? thanks a million to all who helped me along with this.
  12. hi got the letter and i+e form sent off to sheriff officers. got the letter, time to pay direction and i+e forms sent to the court. both sent today, nextday recorded and signed for postage. just gotta play the waiting game now i guess?
  13. question for ida, im thinking i should e-mail my dad the letters from the top sticky on the bailiffs forum, to fill in and send to walkerlove, would this be of benefit or would a phonecall be sufficient?
  14. ok, thats cleared that up. many thanks to you all for all your help. il let you know how i get on
  15. basically then, if its in his name then the only outcome will be that my dad has to pay it? or is there any way liability can be deferred to myself?
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