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  1. No, I didn't have any statements and was aware that the bank is only obliged to hold 'em for 6 years I was just happy they still had my information in the first place and then paid out so effortlessly. I barely used the card anyway, I have the breakdown from HBOS somewhere and can dig it out if required to help someone out but I was happy enough with the outcome. I'm not really sure how they work it out on credit cards though but the original loan was only for £5000 so getting back £4500 on that I think indicates that they were properly doing their sums (though I appreci
  2. Success with claim against HBOS. Did it myself, no fuss, roughly 6 weeks later received cheque for about £4,500.00 (loan PPI) and then a week after that another cheque for about £300.00 (credit card PPI). Original loan and CC taken out sometime between 2003-2005, filed my claim in 2017! HBOS encourage customers not to use CMC and I firmly agree. Very easy work considering age of claims.
  3. Success with claim against HBOS. Did it myself, no fuss, roughly 6 weeks later received cheque for about £4,500.00 (loan PPI) and then a week after that another cheque for about £300.00 (credit card PPI). Original loan and CC taken out sometime between 2003-2005, filed my claim in 2017! HBOS encourage customers not to use CMC and I firmly agree. Very easy work considering age of claims. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484267-rbs-PPI-refunds-low
  4. Hello all I wondered if someone could help me out. I have been instructed by the ET to provide the Respondent with a Schedule of Loss or specifically "set out in writing to the Respondent what the Tribunal is being asked to award, inc. evidence and how it is calculated" so that sounds like a Schedule of Loss to me? (Pls correct me if I'm wrong) The claim is only for a deliberate deduction of 2 days' wages so for the month in question I received my normal salary minus 2 days. The claim is that I am entitled to the 2 days. There is no other claim. So I need some advice
  5. I suspect you've mistyped the dates but if you haven't and the PCN actually says it was issued in 2013 then that's the end of the matter, the PCN isn't valid so just ignore it. As for them admitting having received your correspondence, I too don't see what has led you to believe that? The 'with reference to your correspondence' statement surely is a reference to your second letter? Is it because they have not denied receiving the first letter why you are of the view that they effectively have admitted to having received it? It sounds to me as if they're either saying yes they
  6. No that's nonsense, if Royal Mail lost the first letter you sent them then that's just too bad, they'll have to accept that was the case and treat the second letter as having the date stamp the first one did (I am presuming that you posted the first letter within the 28 days?) These people really cheese me off, I'm dealing with two at the moment myself, I ignored the first one then got a second one for a separate alleged infringement and then realised we weren't ignoring them anymore :/ so now I'm in the process of writing in to challenge them both. I promise you I am not paying a p
  7. Hello all, I ordered a ring online from the USA in mid-March (im in the UK) and it arrived faulty. I reported the fault to the company and we have exchanged emails for over a month but I am still with the item. They won't repair it themselves because they don't want to pay shipping to and fro and they won't give me my money back. I have offered to return it but they expect me to pay the shipping fees and I am not prepared to do so as they will not refund the shipping. I have sent them pictures of the fault and they spoke to the manufacturer of the ring and told me that it is possible
  8. Hi Tomtubby thanks for your reply. Yes I did mark that box saying I did not receive a rejection notice and the notification I received back from the TEC does state that the order does not cancel the original PCN. However, it goes on to say that "The Local Authority may well take further action on it". And then crucially that "The Local Authority should inform you as soon as possible if it intends to do so" I received that in March 2010, and as of today I have not received anything from the LA and this despite me writing to them before seeking a Court order. Also the Court would ha
  9. Hi lamma I didn't but I'll do that now and if she replies i'll provide some feedback.
  10. Hello again guys Ok my warrant of execution was issued against LBS in August and passed to Lambeth County Court to enforce. Needless to say nothing has been done to enforce my warrant. I called them today to be told that the warrant had been sent back because 'there was something wrong with it' but conveniently they didn't have a note of what it was. I called Northampton County Court (who issued the warrant) and they said they have not received anything back from Lambeth! Phoned Lambeth back and they reckon I can write a letter of complaint! That's getting sent off later this we
  11. Oh I see! For some reason I got it into my head that bailiffs would only be allowed to seize goods from the address I gave for the defendant when filing the initial claim form but for the life of me I don't know why as even the Notice of Judgement entered has no address attached to it for the defendant. With regards to my communication with the LA, I called The Parking Shop the day after my car was released by the bailiffs and basically stated that I sent two letters to them regarding the alleged parking contravention challenging the original PCN. The lady I was speaking to confirmed s
  12. LOL, thanks for the info, esp on form EX141 which i have just taken a look at. Just out of interest were I to send one would I just print and send or does it need to be sent to the Court first? Most of that form could only be filled out by the defendant anyway. As for bailiff action on a Warrant, as far as I am currently aware, I am unable to select the bailiff company myself, when I ask for a Warrant, if granted, the Court will pass it to the bailiffs at the Local Authority's County Court but I have no idea who that is. The case will remain at Northampton and I am told that I can exp
  13. Question for all. The Court have entered judgement against the Local Authority now and I now have the option of requesting a Warrant of Execution with the aim of collecting the money owed to me. There is a fee charged by the Court for issuing a Warrant and the advice I have received thus far is basically that if the address I have given for the Local Authority is not housing any valuables likely to be able to pay the sums owed to me then the Warrant could fail and my money not recovered using this method of recovery. So does anybody know if The Parking Shop has anything that can
  14. Hi guys, just to keep you posted, this matter is still unresolved but get this. The Bailiff company have refunded their fees without a Court decision Well you will remember the TEC cancelled the charge certificate and revoked the recovery order right? And so surely I would at least receive my PCN money back from the Enforcement Authority right? Wrong. They are STILL holding out. I'll tell you now why I capatalised the word still. I wrote to Southwark a few weeks after receiving the TEC decision and no payment, I requested that sums be repaid to me in full, I sent the letter recor
  15. Thank you tomtubby that information is of great help. Before I read your reply I had already typed out a letter addressed to the bailiffs demanding my money back and was preparing to send it recorded delivery on tuesday. I will now amend that and send it FAO LBS. I have heard of a N1 before vaguely nonetheless I will follow up with one of those if as expected, I get fobbed off by LBS. Im going away this summer so my money back at this time would be exteremely welcome What I plan to do now is write to LBS and give them one opportunity to repay sums in full, if they don't then I will s
  16. I received a PCN from LBS in March 2009. I made representations on two occassions and did not receive a Notice of Rejection. In fact I received a letter confirming the cancellation of the PCN in May 2009 but I cannot prove that anymore as I since discarded the letter. As I heard nothing else after that I forgot about it and assumed the matter closed. In January 2010 whilst visiting the hopsital my car was clamped on the street outside the hopsital where I was parked. My blue badge was on display at the time too. I was forced to pay £700 on the spot to Davies (bailiffs) for the release of
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