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  1. oops, sorry in all my excitement i rushed my post, it appears smith had to pay £15-00,plus £95-00 costs, which may have been avoided if originally paid £15-00 for the contactual breach,,,anyway what i am trying to say is how much will parking spy have to pay pannone???? a lovely humungous amount i hope.
  2. manchester county court,,1xj81016. parking spy v smith, ,defendant parked on two occasions without paying, ,therefore owed damages for the contractual breach,,, ,pannone sent 4 solicitors attempted to claim costs of £4457-20, ,,parking spy/lie are now awaiting bill from pannones,, ,,dont you just luv it,, ,why employ all these solicitors for a small claims court???? and why this so called respectable solicitors thought they would get 4k is an ever bigger mystery????,, ,thanks to my mates on mse for this info,, ,its made my day/week/year/millenium.
  3. it never happened,,she has not committed any crime,,just ignore,, i know its difficult,, but this is how these con artists work,,despite all junk mail you will get from them and in relation to just ignore,, like you would a lotto win from nigeria asking you for money.nothing can/will happen ,full stop.relax,chill,feet up.glass of wine.
  4. barney,, roxburghe and the phoney graham( i am definitely not a solicitor) white,,share the same office,,,,roxburghe letters are sent by dumb john(he doesnt even realise he should be paid for his so called duties) and on the next desk along is janis,, she is on work experience and spends all her day texting her mates telling them what an easy job she has,,,her letters are in bigger red ink than johns,,,both equate to loo paper,,if they phone again deny the debt and tell them this call is being recorded and passed on to office of fair trading,,thats option B,,,option A is simple IGNORE THESE CLOWNS THEY DONT DO COURT AS CERTAIN THEY WILL LOSE 110%.
  5. read my previous post and other peoples,,yes,, ignore 100% and all threat o grams from them or any in relation to them,,jobs a good one,keep your money.
  6. parking lie/spy are well known cowboys on here,,,ignore 10 billion percent.
  7. jemma,, relax the letter will be passed from lucy,, who is an illegal immigrant working for free, under threat of her employees snitching on her otherwise,,to dumb jon on the next desk who works for free because he doesnt realise he should be paid for his duties,, he puts new threats in the envelopes,, with dead scary bigger red ink,,,,from there it goes to janis,, she is on the desk near the loo, because she is always on it, texting her mates saying what a dead easy, dead boring job she has,,,she puts even bigger red ink on her letters to you,,,,,so what i am saying is,, this is a con,, do not worry, do not pass go, do definitely not pay £160-00 or one penny to these cowboys,,,nothing legally can/will happen to you,, now ignore absolutely everything whether it be from,,, lucy,jon,or janis or uncle tom cobley,,its purely a tactic to scare you,, it will not go to court,,why? because they will lose hands down,, we know it,,,,they know it,,,you didnt,,,,but you do now.
  8. parking lie/spy are con artists 100%,,so just ignore completely and dont let their threats bother you or any threat o grams acting ,, on behalf of parking lie,, e.g debt collectors or pretend solicitors,,they are all part of the same con,,,,ignore,,,and dont forget to tell your company about ppcs.
  9. back for a pep talk as hb suggested,, well done for coming back,,,now guess what,,,IGNORE,, and relax,,roxburghe and graham (i am a phoney solicitor) white leteers are sent out by the same clowns, in the same office,, all operating the same con,,,check out again,,michael cutts and victoria herherington-jakeman on google, that should relax you.incidentally if not already mentioned there are literally thousands of us on here , who wish the clowns excell would in fact take us to court, they wont, because they will lose ,,ask michael cutts and victoria h-j.
  10. sorry to put a downer on your win,,but you would have got the same outcome if you had ,,ignored and not wasted time/effort and no doubt stamp,envelope,writing paper and valuable time contacting these clowns,,well done for not paying anyway.
  11. whilst we all despise ppcs,,if you blatantly continued to park there you have to be leaving yourself wide open to some sort of action, though i am in no way qualified to say this.it may be a case of having to bite the bullet and park elswhere,especially if there is no chance of obtaining permission/permit to park there.i would be worried about the possibility of being clamped, i understand to do this they have to display a sign,,but these people play dirty,,good luck in this.
  12. bless him,theirs dumb john sending out letters again for roxburghe with no doubt big red ink,,,ignore, full stop,,,similarly when you recieve the follow up letters from the phoney solicitors,,,graham (oh no we are not soilicitors) white.bin em.
  13. oops, i mean, ignore absolutely all threat o grams/ letter,sent out by either parking spy or someone acting on behalf of them along with their idol threats,,bin or burn them.
  14. parking spy are well known on here,,basically they con you out of your money,,,ignore absolutely everything, full stop.
  15. excellent,,,now ignore all the threat o grams you get from them,,i am in no way connected with graham white solicitor or roxburghe,,hee,hee,hee,love it.
  16. if you are worried about the words,,,,,excell and court,,please google,,,,,martin cutts and then google victoria hetherington-jakeman,,you will see what happened when they went to court v excell,,,,also dont forget,,,,watchdog/parking charge notice,,you will then realise what cowboys this lot are,, along with ,,roxburghe debt collectors and the phoney graham white solicitors, both of which will send you threat o grams,,guess what,,,ignore, full stop.
  17. i promise you this, you will recieve those court papers,,,,AFTER THE POPE GETS MARRIED,,,,well done to ignore.
  18. oi,your not listening,read my post (5),,excell dont do court and see whats happened to them in the recent past,,quote,,,am i right any court action by excell,,,,wrong,,,they dont do court,, so it will not in anyway affect credit ratings,, i was in the same boat as you/partner is now,,,these people scare you,, intimidate, give you butterflies,,,etc etc,,but once (and you will) realise what type of people you are dealing with you wil be converted,,the secret,,is getting those butterfies to fly in formation and you will then relax/chill/feet up/frankie cocozza/ime a celebrity/martin cutts=yesssss spanked excell,,,victoria h-r,,another spanking for excell,,do not worry or give this another thought,,dont let them scare you,as it will make you ill,,they are the lowest of the low.good night now.
  19. believe you me this will not happen to any of us on here,,also you have not been fined,, it was a speculative unenforceable invoice,,dont fall for this con ever again.with a name like dellboy cant believe it,, but put it down to experience,, once bitten and twice shy and all that,,dont forget you have not been fined,full stop.
  20. when they realise the games up,, they will move on to some other poor unsuspecting person,, i wish they would phone me,, i would give them some pillow talk if you follow my drift,, but realy i should ignore,,,but now that all the butterflies have long gone re their meanlingless threats i think i would quite enjoy it,,,just got to get my voice like barry whites now????
  21. ok, lets get this in perspective,, firstly worry not,, this is what they do to scare you/intimidate/frighten you into paying them.roxburghe debt coleectors are also clowns and under investigation themselves for dodgy practice,, now listen,, their letters are sent out by dumb jon(he cannot get a job anywhere else and does not realise he should be paid for his duties),,,graham white slicitors(you really now are having a laugh,,,GRAHAM WHITE SOLICITORS,,,,oh no they are not,,so no need to worry there,,there letters are sent out by janis on the next desk along(oh yes they are in the same building,,incredible coincidence),,janis is on work experience and just texts her mates all day telling them how easy this job is?????,,now hows that for reassurance,,marks out of 10 please,,incidentally i am a top barrister who has just flown back to the uk following input at michael jacksons trial,,,and now going to pursue unpaid parking charge notice loo paper sent out from cowboy operators,, idiotic debt collectors and pretend solicitors,,,now relax,,chill,feet up,,dont forget ime a celebrity is on at w/e hows that for chilling,,,oh by the way,,,firstly no ime not a barrister and more importantly secondly,,,,,IGNOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
  22. i know this car park well,, and excell even better, ,they recently were taken to court in stockport and were soundly spanked by michael cutts, and back in 2008 judge blasted them for frightening and intimidating tactics v victoria hertherington -jakeman needless to say they lost, the local chorlton mp john leech was supposed to do something about this lot 2 years ago but to date nothing has happened,, did you actually appeal to them?????? my advice is to ignore,, unless you are doing this for a laugh with them,,, an appeal to a ppc=automatic lose, ,they want your money, nothing else,, incidentally if they actually claim to have won in court its nonsense as it was a set up job as they sent one or two of their employees or associates to plead guilty again another tactic.
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