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  1. i thought so but who should I complain too. the OFT. I want to report this too as many governing bodies as possible, I am a UK taxpayer lol
  2. I have been using 247 moneybox for over a year now and have always paid on time. I have never been late with payment dispite them being rude and agressive, I had no one else to turn too last month my application was taking over a week so if it had been approved I would have paid for 28 days interest when in fact the period would have been 21 days, so I cancelled, or tried to but the person I spoke to said I had to abide by the rules and they have fees and operating costs and that I would have to go through with the loan. I sent an e-mail and got a phone call the next day and the chap cancelled it. I then reapplied and the proposed repayment amount was a lot less as the loan period was shorter but again the application was taking far too long, so I rang to cancel and got told the same story loans and loan applications could not be cancelled. Two days later my application got declined so I wrote to complain and did not get a response. Now I would like to complain about them, they should not be refuse a cancellation request. Also it got me thinking i've been paying for days interest before my loans have been approved and sent, always 3 - 4 days delay so over the last few years i estimate i paid for around 90 days of interest without getting the money - are they allowed to do this, they have never ever sent me a copy of my contract. thankfully my finances are back on track it was stupid of me to ever use these nasty bunch of people. I will go all the way including taking them to small claims court if they have inorrectly charged me interest
  3. I had a terrible situation today. my company received a automated call from CRS asking for 440.40 pence. My manager thought it was criminal record service trying to delete a record and he said he would have to check now if I have a record or not. I want to complain these sort of calls should not be made to my place of work, its very embarrasing Who shall I complain too...Also I owe them two loans, one for 440.40 and the other for 1100. I have paid back the principal amount and the oustanding balance is interest and fees. it was stupid of me I know, but part of me thinks that they should not have issued me with two loans at the same time with all the debt I already have. Lending stream are also sending me e-mails - so I'm getting chased by two parties. Also, they guy I spoke to at CRS, called Wesley said they could phone my place of work as i provided it at time of application, is this correct - if not CRS need to ensure they are following rules any help on who to compalin to or report the matter
  4. here is a full copy of the letter I received - obviously a standard letter just printed off - I doubt my letter was even fully read. Dear Mr XXXX Thank you for your recent letter. You will appreciate we are instructed to enforce distress warrant (s) immediately and in full. Any circumstrances relating to the the offence or contgravention are beyond our jurisdiction and we are unable to comment on the points you have raised. We regret therefore, we are unable to put this matter on hold or refrain from enforcing the warrant unless otherwise instructed by the Magistrate Court or the Local Authority. We would therefore advise full payment be made by return of post, failure to comply will result in a bailiff attending your premises, which will incur further costs and your goods may be at risk. NO FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE ENTERED INTO. what a nice bunch of people eh.
  5. Hi tomtubby, I will send an e-mail to them, but to be honest I will only raise the point about my circumstances, the fact that they are charging me twice, I will play that hand later and use it more effectively to my advantage, if they want to play dirty bring it on. thanks for confirming that. anyway hopefully I'll speak to you tomorrow on your helpline. thanks again for all your time and help.
  6. just checked and I've been charged two lots of £175, as it was two separate fines. But they delivered the letter's at the same time so surely I don't have to pay £175 on both occasions.
  7. Hi everyone, thanks tomtubby for the access code sent that off to them with proof of JSA and also a letter which came with my most recent payment to prove I was still in receipt of JSA. They sent a letter back saying that they were unable to comment on the points I had raised. They then went on to say that they would not put the matter on hold and that if payment was not made in full a bailiff would attend which would incur extra costs. I have stopped claiming JSA but am not working, so I'm off the radar so to speak. I could start signing on. My mother has agreed to pay this off for me but can only afford £150 a month. My question to you is, do you think I can negociate with them a deal, for the above £150 a month, or shall I go and to this declaration thing at the court tomorrow, where I swear about the income and promise to pay. Any advice would be good. I'm nervous because although we have great security, high walls, porch doors, triple glazing, my mother is very gulluble. thanks
  8. this is my following draft. I understand Croydon Court has appointed you to recover my Unpaid fine. Due to my circumstances I am unable to pay this in one payment. I advocate a payment schedule of £20 pcm for xxx. I understand this may seem a long time but this is a realistic offer that is affordable, I have lost my job and am now in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance. A greater amount would cause me real and actual hardship. It should be noted that I am not at any point refusing to pay this debt but only asking for a fair payment period considering my circumstances. I have taken advice from CAB and Croydon court who have advised me to request you pass the debt back to Croydon Court, due to my personal circumstances and suffering from finicial hardship. Please also send an itemised statement of account that clearly shows what charges have been added and what for, you are required in statute to supply this information and I look forward to this within 14 days. I am sending the Croydon court a copy of this letter and requesting that it be filled with my account for further reference. I hope the above meets your approval and I look forward to your timely reply by letter. Yours faithfully,
  9. hi there, my brother had to phone Croydon Court today and they just happen to notice there is a warrant of distress out for my arresst. I phoned the courts spoke to a helpfull lady who advised me to phone drakes and advise them to pass the debt back to courts as I am now on jobseekers allowance, however as I previously stated on here I want to address the matter in writing, can someone help with me a template, I need to get this sorted asap, if no one can provide a template can you tell if the following letter would be good. will post shortly. Thanks
  10. I phoned Drakes and they were very unhelpfull, but I made it clear that I am not refusing to pay. I will send a recorded letter out tomorrow, however any advice in what to say in the letter would be great peeps, really concerned about this one. I've heard horrible stories about Drakes aned the lady I spoke to was very rude and put the phone down on me when I said I would like them to return the debt to the courts
  11. Hi, Did something rather daft and ended up with a fine of £443 which I agreed to pay £80 per month. Fell behind with payments due to me loosing my job. Letter received today from Drakes, who want the payment within 7 days and have added £88.60 If they don't get the money the letter says that they will attend to levy distress and thereafter remove goods and this action will involve a £175.00 my circumstances unemployed in receipt of benefit (jobseekers allowance) suffering from hardship. living with parent no car and nothing else of value to pay the debt. no children ideally I would like to get the dept passed back to the courts, and then for the courts to take £10 - £15 per month directly out of my benefit. where do I stand and whats the first thing I need to do. thanks
  12. looking at Kev he was spot on and took it as far as he did, and didn't back down only mistake was not getting help for his day in court, and of course being landed with that [email protected]@et of a judge. There's no way someone goes that far only to give up now, good luck mate. Lloyds must be bricking it, someone's gonna get the sack from this, I would'nt like to be the one at the agency to take the flack for this oversight.
  13. I very much doubt the bank would defend this at high court - however if they did decide to defend an appeal - Can you imagine the press coverage - the news, papers, internet - the first of its kind with Lloyds TSB right in the spotlight. I don't think they could handle the backlash either - I mean there would be tens of thousands of customers demanding refunds - they simply haven't got the logistics to deal with such a situation - it would burry them for months - the admin/staff - and the complaints. It would be all just too much and would run into millions - FWIT I think they are probably bitting there teeth. Good luck Kev - but for me business as usual
  14. I have been charged £175 of charges this month (I thought they were only allowed to charge a maximum of £125 per month) I claimed bank charges last year on this same account. and they paid me within 12 days of sending my first letter. I want to claim again but am concerned they will close my account, I've been told they can get a bit aggressive for 2nd claims Anyone else in a similar situation. I'm also about to start a claim against RBS(mint). I sent them a DPA letter a few months back but HSBC bounced the payment so I'm gonna to it by postal order this time round. Thanks
  15. further cheap tatics by Egg, I read that they have suffered major losses due to bad debt, so someone at the top must feel if someone successfully sue's, it will open the doors for some major backlash, I hope it does, I hope they go under.
  16. yes very good information, I'm looking forward to my visit tomorrow to HSBC.
  17. I know but if the matter does get to the BBC or whoever, then at least I have asked them nicely and have praised them, but to be frank like all the banks, CS is very bad indeed. I have just noticed a charge of £75........TOTAL charges...however this was taken after the charges had already been deducted, so I need to go to the bank tomorrow.
  18. year I wish I did not give in and acceppt the part payment, bunch of t405585s........don't give in get the full amount, RBS and CAP 1 will not be let off the hook, and when my house is in order EGG are next on the list, this won't happen untill the new year though.
  19. gonna send the above letter off tomorrow, along with two CCA letters to DCA's. My £10 cheque to RBS was cancelled by HSBC, and I haven't had time to focus on that, but CAP 1 went through, and I received a break down. Out of a debt of £1500, £1150 of that is made up of charges. On a separate note, has anyone had any dealings with these PRE-PAID mastercard's. Yeah there is a charge of 4.95 per month so we are talking £60 a year, but I am thinking of one as most of my purchases are on line.
  20. Mr Colin Langdale xxxxx HSBC Bank plc xxxxx Arlington business centre xxxxx Millshaw park lane xxxxx Leeds xxxxxx LS11 0PP 15/10/2006 Dear Colin, BANK ACCOUNT NO xxxxxxxx RE: REQUEST FOR REFUND OF CHARGES Firstly, I am very disappointed that I am forced to write to you yet again, please ensure this letter is fully read and that all points I raise are fully responded to in writing. My request I write with reference to my current account with you. Over the past few months I am disappointed that I have noticed a number of charges still being levied, allegedly connected with the costs involved in CARD MISUSE and UNPAID ITEM, please see the attached schedule for a breakdown of these so called charges. I would like to express my objection to each of these charges, and ask for their reversal. These charges have also resulted in the services of my SOLO card being withdrawn. I am of the view that your charges represent a penalty and are therefore irrecoverable at common law. In the Scottish case of Castaneda and Others v. Clydebank Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (1904) 12 SLT 498 the House of Lords held that a contractual party can only recover damages for actual or liquidated losses incurred from a breach of contract. This is also the position in English law: Wilson v Love [1896]; Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage and Motor Co Ltd [1915] AC 79; Ford Motor Co v Armstrong [1915]; Bridge v Campbell Discount Co. Ltd [1962]; Murray v Leisureplay [2004]. Your charges do not reflect any actual or real loss, instead they appear to represent a lucrative profit-making scheme. UK banks have recently given evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Committee on how bank charges are calculated: "The costs are going to pay for all the people we have who pursue debt, collect debt, speak to customers and chase payments. The way these charges are arrived at is by taking these total costs and making some assumptions about the volume that is going to come through to arrive at the individual charges" (2nd report, 25 January 2005, paragraph 50). On a separate note, your charges appear to represent an unfair term of contract which is contrary to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (SI. 1999/2083). My account falls within the ambit of Regulation 5 of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 as I am a consumer. Your charges constitute an unfair penalty under reference to paragraph 1(e) of schedule 2 of the said regulations: Indicative and non-exhaustive list of terms which may be regarded as unfair - 1. Terms which have the object of effect of - (e) requiring any consumer who fails his obligation to pay a disproportionately high sum in compensation’. On 26 July 2005 the OFT stated that 'a charge is likely to be disproportionately high if it is more than a court would be likely to award if the lender sued the cardholder for breach of contract'. Because your charges include a lucrative profit margin, in addition to actual loss, they are irrecoverable as an unfair term in contract. The fact that these charges were applied has meant that even after additional funds were credited to the account which would normally have been sufficient, on some occasions the balance has remained overdrawn or otherwise insufficient. As a result, additional transactions have been processed when inadequate funds were available in my account, and additional charges applied. I believe the term vicious circle applies to this situation, and as such, it could constitute a clear breach of the Banking Code. Regardless of the wording of the automated letters sent to me, these charges constitute a penalty charge, as the amounts bear no relation to the actual damages incurred by you. I have been advised to remind you that such penalty charges are legally unenforceable, even if a clause exists in the Terms and Conditions that authorises such a charge. The charges have also worsened my already fragile financial status. I am on a low income, and I am struggling to pay off debts. I would like to think that you will take note of my delicate situation, you are the listening bank remember. What I require I calculate that, as at today’s date, you have taken a nett total of £XXX and I request that you refund this amount in full and I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter. Targets to resolve this matter I expect you to enter into a sincere dialogue with me about this matter and write on the assumption that you will prefer to do this rather than merely respond with standard letters and leaflets. You have 10 working days, from receipt of this letter (i.e. by Thursday 23 August 2006), to reply unconditionally accepting my request in principle and letting me know a date by which I will receive payment. If you do not respond, or do not respond positively, within this time period, I shall send you a further letter before action allowing a further 10 working days in which to reflect. I believe that these targets are more than sufficient for a large company such as yours with dedicated staff and departments. After that there will be no further communication from myself and I shall issue a claim at the expiry of the second deadline. The continued relentless bombardment of charges may have weakened me financially, but I can assure you my resolve has never been stronger. Further to the above and after seeking advice, I am also of the view that because I am making a second claim, you will try and close my account. I request you keep my account active, partly because I feel that out of all the UK Banks, your standard of customer service is the highest. Also due to my fragile financial situation, closing my account will cause me serious difficulties and my wages will not be able to be paid into the account, throughout my working history, every wage I have ever received has been paid into HSBC, and always on time to clear any overdraft balance. I would be grateful if you could keep the account active. However, if HSBC decides to terminate my contract and my account is closed, I will have no choice but to write to my local MP and contact the BBC. If you close my account I would suggest you make sure that this is not a breach of the Banking Code, as this may result in additional action from myself. I look forward to hearing from you by return. Yours faithfully, XXXXXXXXXXXX
  21. covered myself for that a while ago but could only get a basic account with a cash card, still I really have had enough of HSBC so I am going to stop using them, start using Lloyds and have my wages paid into my that account, and move my direct debits over - to get treated like that after being a customer for 11 years and having taken out 3 loans previously I think it stinks.
  22. yes I really hope so I really don't like the way they have treated some of the CAG members, I'm not the most layed back person and when I'm stressed I can get angry so court is totally out of the question for me at the moment, but my new job is going really well just landed a new contract which is quite a biggie so should be sorted by January and ready to take them on.Thanks
  23. the police 90% of the time are useless and the people working behind the desks are clueless, you can try you might get lucky and speak to somone who has some sort of qualification and wants to help, but my first port of call would be to send a Subject access form, and go to trading standards, no point sending a PREM letter because no one has any legal jargon to quote, unless its in that book thats for sale via amazon. I think a good approach would be to sned a subject access form, then once you have the information go to Watch dog they are more likely to get involved if you have further information that the average person who complains to them.
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