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  1. Sorry I haven't replied to the post, been so stressed with it all.


    He is out now, was released last week. He came to my door on Sunday asking us to tell 'them' to stop bothering him, I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, didn't open the door just spoke to him through it, don't think he is on medication, and if he is, it's not working. Heard him say f off back to your own country this morning, there was no one outside and sure he wasn't on the phone, he also knocked on the door on Monday and when my husband didn't answer, he went outside and kept pressing the buzzer.


    Am just so stressed with it all, am on anti depressants. Went to the police and they said as he was sectioned, it is no longer a criminal matter, so they cannot do a risk assessment.


    Had quite an encouraging call from a lady from the anti social team at the council and she was saying that he sounds like he is a high risk, and that they will arrange a meeting with the mental health team etc, but my housing officer who I saw yesterday said that we will also have to attend the meeting, is this right?


    The lady has now received the risk assessment from the housing officer and is now trying to get a report from the police.


    I am so worried that because the neighbour wasn't charged with a crime, they may feel that he is no longer a risk, and we are safe, but we're not, he can change at any time, even now, he is in and out of his flat in what seems an agitated state, and talking to himself, so I think it is only a matter of time before he tries something again.


    Was hoping that we would be placed on band 2, after I got the call, but now am not so sure.

  2. I live in a ground floor studio flat owned by the council and nearly a month ago the upstairs tennant(directly above my flat) chased my husband with a knive. We called the police who arrested the neighbour and sectioned him.


    I have been to the council where my housing officer did a risk assessment though one has not been carried out on my property. I have got in touch with everyone I can think of from my local paper who came round to my local councillor but still we are still in the property.


    We go to the police this Friday so they can do a risk assessment against the neighbour and to see whether we will be safe in the property, but I know we won't and no one seems to care.


    The housing officer said that without the police saying he is a high risk they cannot do anything.


    I saw the neighbour this morning, I don't think he stayed here last night as I didn't hear him out and he is out at the moment. No one let us know he was released or that he was coming back, and from what I heard this morning he still seems to be talking to himself.


    Hope someone can help.

  3. I moved into a studio flat which I rent from the council in February, and since then I have had no end of problems, rodents, damp, mould, leaks etc.


    I first got in touch with the council in March, and it is only now when I said I would take my compaints higher that a techinical officer is coming next week to view the property.


    I have asked for a transfer to another property as the level of damp/mould is so extreme, and this is just after a few months. My clothes smell of damp and some are covered in mould, that I have had to put them in carrier bags to dry and keep out some of the smell, but it's not working.


    I ventilate my flat, and never dry clothes inside, but am sure that the techinical officer will say there is nothing they can do, and just to clean the mould and ventilate the flat.


    I also don't have enough electrical sockets(2 in studio room, and 2 in kitchen), but according to the council to fit anymore would be an improvement, not a repair


    If I didn't like what the techinical officer has to say, could I take my concerns to the environmental health department?

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