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  1. This is the email I received on 29th March: "As agreed I am sending you an email. At present your goods are stored in a secure warehouse with no restrictions for release. This is standard procedure for deliveries we have in your area and in accordance with contract conditions. I am currently waiting on our sub-contractor to confirm delivery date and hope to have this information by close of business tomorrow at the latest." I have had no contact from David Howie since then, yet he describes his company as "respected".
  2. I have still to receive my belongings. Almost three months now.
  3. The date agreed for delivery of my belongings was Wednesday 13th January. I have documentation from Caledonian on my desk which proves this. How could the next day have been a Saturday as Mr Howie claims? I had the day off from work on the Wednesday and waited all day for my items to arrive. I called Mr Howie at 1600 hours where he told me that he would "need to call the warehouse in Slough" to see what had happened. He promised to call me back to inform me as to what was happening. He did not do so. They then did not answer my phone calls on the Thursday or Friday
  4. The police have confirmed that my stuff is still there so hopefully that is the case. I'm too far away to check for myself and I just have to wait and see whether they deliver it or not.
  5. I'm writing regarding a Glasgow removal company who appear to be consistently (Edit) customers and failing to provide even a basic standard of service. I have moved from Glasgow to Gillingham in the south-east of England and was looking forward to starting a new life with delivery of my belongings from Glasgow. These items included my books, DVDs, records, clothes and furniture. These had been in storage with the company for around two years. I paid £585 for delivery of these items on 13th January and have still to receive them. I have received no contact from the c
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