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  1. apologies if this has already been posted but if not PLEASE can you help the RNIB in their campagin for a fairer WCA for people with sight impairment - there is also a link to contact your MP to make your voice heard http://www.rnib.org.uk/getinvolved/campaign/yourmoney/esa/Pages/ESA_assessment.aspx Thank you countmein x
  2. HELLO could someone PLEASE explain ;the new 'LINKING rules...am so confused CURRENTLY ON ESA wrag... I know there has been big changes re linking rules for IB/IS CLAIMANTS were do people currentlly on ESA stand?? 'thanks in advance' regards countmein xi
  3. 'thankyou for you're good wishes ... don't even want to 'think' about having to go through all this again!..so I'm not loll ( that day'll come soon enough, I'm sure - I just 'want' to try to get better, and well enough so I don't have too ( fingers crossed)... I got my medical evidence from the hospital, I had had 5 or six (lost count now ) major eye surgery operations during a 15 month period, - so that I didn't go totally blind - am/was attending the hosptal for check-ups, management of my conditions etc, on a weekly basis( sometimes several times a week) am/was taking tons of medication, and still waitig for further procedues/operations, so as you can imagine, my hospital medical records where enormous over 300 pages long, they cost me ten pounds ) - plus my consultants were very kind and when I asked them to 'summarise' my problems, in writing they did so F.O.C.. (They were appalled that I had to appeal )..... ATOS/DWP AND their procedures have made my mental health problems, much-much worse now, so Now, not only am I battling to save my sight, I've also acqured another battle thanks to them... MY SANITY!!.... BEST WISHES COUNTMEIN xx
  4. :lol:hi everyone, sorry not been around for a while health and mental problems worsenig( but I blame ATOS AND THE DWP FOR THAT, BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY, I GUESS).... but just wanted To let you all know, My tribunal was heard recentley and It was RULED IN MY FAVOUR!!.. dIDN'T EVEN NEED TO ATTEND as the clerk phoned me up on the morning it was due to be heard and said it had already been decided in my favour and not to bother attending.. I had submitted that much medical evidence etc.. that AT LAST SOMEONE SAW SENSE!!..it was the biggest sense of relief I had ever experienced...nearly 11 months of EXTRA worry , stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, etc-etc-etc JUST WHAT YOU DONT NEED WHEN YOU'RE ILL!, ( but thats THE SYSTEM FOR YOU!!-SHAMEFUL) ANYWAY A big-big thankyou to everyone for all your help support and ADVICE...DONT Think I'd have got through it WITHOUT YoU ALL (((XXX)))... jUST WAITING FOR THE BACKDATED PAYMENTS TO ARRIVe NOW, AND THEN I'M FORGETTING ALL ABOUT THIS NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE, and TRY to concentrate ON GETTING BETTER! best wishes to you all and GOOD LUCK! COUNTMEIN xxx
  5. Hi crazy collies, sorry to hear of the continuing suffering you are being put through!.. Having visual impairment myself, yet only gaining 6 ' magical' points at my WCA ATOSH assement ( appeal due in October)..... Please get in touch and seek advice/help from r.n.i.b . .. they are truly marvelous,fuloy understand 'ALL EYE PROBLEMS and are there TO HELP AMD SUPPORT 'ANYONE' with visual impairment and sight problems of all kinds... not only blind people......they are there to 'help AND PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE/SIGHT LOSS... even though this current SYSTEM ( I..E ATOS / WCA DISCRIPTORS AREN'Tand don't give an 'ATOSH' ABOUT FAILING SIGHT AND HELPING TO MINIMISE FURTHER SIGHT LOSS! ) MY best wishes to you, good luck and 'stay strong' countmein x
  6. Hello chloe01.. Clever Erika has kindly put the link to it as a word.doc for anyone who can't access pdf files on their computer. The Work Capability Assessmen1.doc (51.0 KB, 2 views) 'Thank-you Erika' Regards countmein x
  7. Thanks Jabba for posting that , do you still work for them?...as I noticed in your opening sentence you said 'several years ago?. I do/did get the distinct impression, that the second DM tried her darnedest to help/rectify things for me? - She even states that 'she disagreed' with original decision makers and HCP choice of descriptors???...but Bossman Doctor at ATOS, he said NO:x... Thats whats confusing me, is it DM/DWP that have the say-so ( no, imho) or ATOS??? Regards countmein x
  8. Thanks Jabba for posting that , do you still work for them?...as I noticed in your opening sentence you said 'several years ago?. I do/did get the distinct impression, that the second DM tried her darnedest to help/rectify things for me? - She even states that 'she disagreed' with original decision makers and HCP choice of descriptors???...but Bossman Doctor at ATOS, he said NO:x... Thats whats confusing me, is it DM/DWP that have the say-so ( no, imho) or ATOS??? Regards countmein x
  9. I notice that the date for submissions has been changed to the 10th september .. Perhaps if people keep 'bumpng' it to the top if they see if slipping....that would be useful?? and of course, goes without saying, 'PLEASE PASS THE LINK AROUND'..... THIS IS OUR BEST OPPORTUNITY YET TO 'EXPRESS OUR VIEWS ON WCA/AND ATOSH LETS NOT WASTE IT!! :-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x Regards countmein x
  10. then what 'SHOULD' happen DOESN'T happen Antone? ( IMHO).... I do conceed that i did underestimate the importance of the ES50 FORM...Basically didn't know or realise how to complete it?? very confusing for me AND of course I know better now, but at the time I was very ill, and sick with worry about my deteriating eyesight and with numerous otherhealth issues and worries, as most people are when they're trying to claim ESA ) ...I just wanted it out of the way, sent back to them in tme before i had to go into hospital - I didn't realise that 'if you had a pulse, then you had to have a'so-called' medical!! BUT I did redeem myself ( or so I thought ) as I did send a thorough and explicit letter indicating ALL the issues I had with my health along with the appeal form I submitted...This( I think) is why the DM asked ATos to re-assess me....and as I've said, it seems that ATOS have the upper hand on the DM'S as he said NO... My rep tends to think??? - THE DM'S don't like to 'question ' or look like they're overruling the ATOS doctors?? ( in her humble opinion , of course:grin: )....so who does 'REALLY CALLS THE SHOTS?? NOT THE DM'S IT WOULD SEEM??? The whole system is A disgrace, it's biased, corrupt and flawed beyond belief ( in my humble opinion of course:D) Can't wait to see what 'excuses aka LIES atos come out with tomorrow in the Guardian but they should be good one's cos that's one thing they are good at ' lies' ( imho) regards countmein x
  11. ATOS COSTS APPROX 100 MILLION POUNDS PER ANNUM!!! TAKEN FROM ' THEYWORKFORYOU' WEBSITE...THIS IS A WRITTEN ANSWER IN PARLIAMENT FROM CHRIS GRAYLING YESTERDAY... er of State (Employment), Work and Pensions; Epsom and Ewell, Conservative) Following open, competitive tender, the Department for Work and Pensions re-awarded Atos Origin IT Services Ltd, trading as Atos Healthcare, a new contract to perform medical services on behalf of the Department from 1 September 2005. The total cost of these services amounts to approximately £100 million per annum. This figure not only covers the total number of examinations undertaken across all benefits, but also costs relating to written and verbal medical advice, fixed overheads, administrative costs, investment in new technology and other service improvements.
  12. I Have a 'QUESTION' perhaps someone could clarify for me?? Am I correct in thinking that the official line is...THAT ATOS DO NOT MAKE THE FINAL DECISION RE entitlement to ESA ( OR WHATEVER BENEFIT IS IN QUESTION) the DWP =DM make that final call??.... If this is so, then why at my reconsideration by the DWP did a different decision maker from the one that made the original decision to deny me my ESA have to ' ask ATOS ' should this 'customer be re-assessed due to questionable first assesment/medical, and things not been taken into account at the assesment??....but ATOS SAID NO ( Blahdeblah etc etc ) ... so I wasn't re-assesed... and the descision was not revised.. this DM goes on to say on her summing up/reasons for not revising the decision that ( and I quote) 'I disagree with both the original decision maker and the HCP choice of descriptors'....My representative who is helping me with my appeal as never known that to have been said before by DM at the DWP? I interperate that to mean that DM DONT make the final call ..ATOS DO?... Regards countmein x
  13. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/work-cap-ass-call-for-evidence.pdf THINK THIS MOST DEFINATELY NEEDS RESPONDING TOO! ONLY GOT TO 27TH AUGUST TO SUBMIT RESPONSES...SO NEEDS RESPONDING TO A.S.A.P OUR BIGGEST CHANCE YET........ regards countmein x
  14. ABSOLUTLEY DISGRACEFUL!!.... we already now all about the DWP and their scanderlous poloicies towards sick and DISABLBED people.. They arre talking about this on GMTV AT THE MOMENT AND 'want to hear your views on it!! MAYBE AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL THEM HOW we are treated www.gm.tv regards countmein x
  15. many, many thanks HB and Erika, for taking the time and trouble to find and post that information for me, ' much appreciated' I would have otherwise, just have took it with me on the day, just as well I checked with you..thankyou! No HB, not had a date yet? Tribunal papers originally said 'not before August'? my representative says that we would have heard by now, if it was going to be heard in August??.....So Still just 'trawling through Hospital medical records and documents, Consulatants letters to my GP ETC etc getting things prepared and wondering how much of the 300 pages to send as 'evidence'?..... Will let you know when I hear take care and thanks again best wishes countmein X
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