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  1. Hi all, I know i know,slap on the wrist but i wrote a letter taking a draft from this site to Euro Car Park please see below for my letter and there response: Date 10th May 2010 Dear Sirs, Re: Your letter dated 26/04/2010/ Reference XXXXXX I acknowledge receipt of your captioned letter. It seems that you have got my details from the DVLA and I confirm I am the keeper of the vehicle in question. You need to take this matter up with the driver concerned. In the meantime I absolutely deny your claim that the amount claimed,
  2. Should i write to the debt collecters when i get the letter stating not to make further contact re issue being in dispute and should i include under data protection act not to be passing my details on? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have now been sent a letter from Euro Car park saying I failed to pay the fine and the fine has now increased to £100, in addition my details will now be sent to a debt collector if I fail to pay. Should I be writing to them with any of the template letters, I feel that I should be doing something as if I go to court I am worried I will look like I have taken no measures to appeal or made any attempts of contact. Trying to stay strong, my normal stance is to fight back and staying silent doesnt come naturally! :-? Advice welcome
  4. Once again thanks for the support and advice, i visited the following site yesterday (FAQs - Private Parking Companies/Charges (everything you need to know)). Which i managed to understand and gathered just as you stated i have not caused them any financial loss and therefore will not be writing to them, other than please do not contact me at this address, this matter is in dispute and will qoute the harrassment act!! Having equiped myself with all this, ready to do battle i havent got the letter threats coming yet!
  5. Have you been made away of any cases which have made it to court? Just want to get all the facts and ignore with confidence x And have already to the world and their dog about the most orgainsed crime known to man!
  6. Thanks, would not advise the letter template for when i reach the letter staing the men in black are coming for my TV?
  7. Hi have been reading the fourm for advice but i can't find a similar situation and need help....On Saturday just gone i park in a Euro Car Park, paid my £2 for my ticket and displayed in my car. I checked it was on the dash as it is not a sticky one, only i went in the boot to fetch my bag, what appears to have happend is upon closing the boot the wind/force has blown the ticket off the dash and in the footwell, upside down on the drivers side. And yep you guessed when i got back to my car i had a ticket, for £100!!!. The attendant has stated on the fine "ticket unreadable as facedown in footw
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