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  1. I understand the point you've made. This is all one big mess and am still unsure what can be done and what the outcome will be. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. thanks alot for your prompt reply. What if my friend tells the truth that he was not aware i had the pass and had used it until last week when his supervisor informed him that the pass had been confiscated from someone who claimed to be a friend of his. He actually thought he had lost it because i had not told him i had picked the pass up to return to him when he had left it in the gym we go to together, but stupidily i used it the next day and got caught. Would that have any bearing in his defence as i would not want him to lose his job over this. He only told his supervisor that he did
  3. Hi, I did not recieve a court summons but i received a letter which gave me the option of appealing by not responding or agreeing to a Formal Warning and paying the administrative costs which was £60. The agreed to the later. Thanks
  4. I would appreciate some advice on the following matter. Last year i was caught using a friends pass on the underground. The pass belonged to a friend who works for london transport is entitled to a free pass. I was honest with the inspector about this and he helped me out abit by not writing this in his note book so that he would not get into trouble. The inspector that stopped me asked the following questions which he wrote down on his note book, "Does this pass belong to you? I answered no. "Does the owner of the staff oyster card know you are using this pass?" I answered no "Why did you use
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