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  1. I think it would be wise to point out that people are hijacking the OP thread here. It would be more prudent to start your own thread regarding issues you have with vehicles and purchases so that the guys on this site can assist in a better way.
  2. Who is your employer broken arrow and how much is your yearly salary? . . . . . . . . . . Very personal questions one's which you would not be expected to answer over an open forum so why should i? More over why should i when i am within a forum that actively works against such employers!
  3. No because as stated i am not here to represent either the company i work for nor any other DCA (please read the complete thread) I offered assistance, if needed on the techniques and procedures DCA's should, could and don't do.
  4. In this instance have you followed the complaints procedure that the DCA have? If so i would do the following. Inform them once more in writing that you have requested both SAR and CCA as such until these documents are supplied then any further correspondence regarding the claimed debt will be treated as threatening behaviour. Do this via email or recorded mail as unless you have voice recording for your phone its easier to proove. I believe on this site are examples of letters you can send covering the above. Keep all letters like the LBA's they are sending you as you may need to p
  5. While your explanation of the English language is thorough it is also somewhat flawed. Using your example it would therefore be correct to assume that any employee of Asda is responsible for the actions taken by Tesco. Based on the fact i work for a debt collection agency does not in any way shape or form make me responsible for other companies actions and performance while operating within the industry sector, it is a ridiculous concept. One not far from the belief of a far right fascist and or racial organisation. Each company and each employee within that company should be judge
  6. I cannot do that for obvious reasons. Happily they are not mentioned on this website though which should be a good sign i hope
  7. Good morning i hope you slept well. It should not be "we" or "us" or "i" only if i am referring to myself in this form. English language stipulates that when referring to a third person or party then you refer to them as "them" or "they". How am "i" part of the problem? Please explain
  8. From what i am aware VW do also have a good rep for customer service so i am shocked that you have been treated like this. I think the ideals of service get diluted with the local dealerships somewhat and its a real shame. I called two of my local dealers in my area for some work to be done. One quoted £260 and the other £190. The one that quoted £220 when questioned why there was such a vast difference told me that they could reduce the cost to £190!! to match the other quote. I told them frankly that this was not a price match like Kwik Fit and National Tyres you guys are both VW deale
  9. It is your choice on if you wish to contact them by writing a letter. From my understanding of the matter they have referred your accused debt to a collector without contacting you first? If so i would do as di0430 has suggested and contact the bank or loan provider first. Ask them for the details regarding the debt they hold on you including the original CCA (there are people on this forum who will help regarding that) Informing Regal that you are doing so, and in essence the debt is therefore in dispute. A collection agent is in effect a representative of the DCA. They cannot remove go
  10. yes but its not cost effective or practical i live a very long distance from my place of work. Also i needed to be around to make arrangements regarding my car.
  11. A point to note here is that they are obliged to inform you in writing before they take any form of action regarding the claimed debt. They should send you what is regarded as a letter of intent/instruction, which should outline their position in regards to the OC and what their intentions are. They are then not allowed to contact you for a period of 7 days in any way shape or form. It sounds to me that you have not received this letter? or that hey have not sent it?
  12. unclebulgaria67 Thank you for your understanding it seems at least that one or two people understand
  13. My god you imagination is amazing lol. No the person is not my alter ego Ask a mod to do an IP check then respond back to quash that one
  14. Well spotted. I am not in work this week due to an issue with my car i have had to take a weeks annual leave. I would not be posting on this site from my office its way to risky on my part
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